My First World!

Before jumping and starting your first world, here are some words of advice!  

Make sure you spend some time reading the instructions in world "START"; it will have some very good information for you. It's always better to read the information there than learning it "the hard way". 

It is also useful to visit the our Forum and various Wiki pages. You can find some very useful information from your fellow Growtopians! 

It is always better to visit some random empty world to test out everything, but remember, if the world is not protected by a world lock, then it means anyone can come in and steal your items! So be careful and don't drop any items you want to keep. Technically, any items you drop are not yours anymore. 

Once you are ready and you managed to farm enough for a lock - preferably a world lock, then it's time to start thinking about your world's name! Simply exit the world you are in and keep typing world names until you can find an empty world which you can lock and make it yours!