Omg! Beware of this scam;))

Maybe 80% of growtopia players already know about this scam.
Few days ago i go to random world then the owner playing dice game with other peoples and the prize is 10wls , i don't believe that and i just stay and watch the owner play dice with the others. Then when one of the players gonna die, the owner said "Pay or Die" when you want to pay , you have to pay 1 World lock to win the 10 World Locks. Who don't want 10 World Locks lol? For new players its special. So that's why the owner ask the players to pay! After pay and pay, maybe the player can be the winner. but.... After the player won and the owner banned the winner-_- then the owner banned me and other peoples in the world;) #RipMyEnglish sorry if there're somewords are wrong:v
So yeah only that i want to share with y guys!
  1. The owner ban me.
  2. The paid things proof
  3. Owner name/GrowID.
  4. The world!
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