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The Growtopian Code

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  • The Growtopian Code

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    "The challenge for each one of you is to take up these ideals of tolerance and respect for others and put them to practical use in your schools, your communities, and throughout your lives...” - Nelson Mandela.

    As we are a community of different age groups, nationalities, cultures, and interests, there will be times when we think our ideas and perceptions about things are greater and more valuable than those of others. We will not be able to avoid this to some degree, but tolerance and respect for the views of others doesn’t mean you have to lack conviction and commitment to your own ideas and beliefs. Rather, it is a display of maturity that condemns the persecution of others.

    Try to keep an open mind when dealing with other Growtopians and make sure that you:
    • Keep all your language at a family-friendly level.
    • Avoid harassing others. May it be because of your different views or because he/she is new to the game.
    • Do not single out other players. Whether they violate rules or not, it is not appropriate to call out a person where others can see.
    • Steer clear of discussing potentially controversial topics, including but not limited to Politics and Religion.
    Being a part of a large and open community gives you the freedom to provide feedback, opinions, and suggestions, but we expect everyone to discuss them maturely and exchange thoughts and experiences positively.

    This also includes respect to our Moderators. They are volunteers that are keeping the game in check and, at the same time, fun! They are actual people, so please be mindful of your behavior and messages toward them.
    ”I know now that no one can give you your honor. It’s something you earn for yourself by choosing to do what’s right.”—Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender

    While being ahead of everyone else gives you the satisfaction of being the best and the bragging rights of having figured things out ahead of thousands of people, nothing will beat the glorious feeling of doing it the right - and legal - way.

    Players that are harmful to the community will be banned. This includes accounts that:
    • Use lies, fake worlds, trickery, and devious methods (i.e.: glitches to auto-ban or crash) to mistreat other players.
    • Use hacks including - but not limited to - client-side manipulation, auto-clickers, speed hacks, clock manipulation, bots, macroing, and auto-farming.
    • Impersonate the game staff and moderators by any means, including broadcasting fake moderator applications and phishing websites.
    • Scam other players (especially through Drop Games, Trust Test games, Worlds with fake prizes, Dirt Games etc).
    • Use any form of betting or gambling (asking players to pay for a chance) game.
    • Buy or sell Growtopia accounts, items, or worlds outside of the game for real money. This is not allowed and may result in a ban for all parties involved.
    • Ask for a refund of their purchases after consuming the gems. This is considered 'Fraud'. The account(s) involved will be permanently banned from the game.
    • Abuse, spam, or harass @Moderators. They are here to enforce the rules. Abusing, spamming, or harassing them will have consequences.
    • Sending tickets with false claims to the Support. Sending a false claim to the Support Staff can create a suspension on your account or increase further the current penalty.
    • Are alternate of any account that has been punished for violating in-game rules. Regardless of the duration (Permanent or Temporary Suspension), you are in no way allowed to log in to the game and play. You must serve the punishment and wait for it to be removed automatically. In a Permanent Suspension’s case, you are prohibited from logging in to the game altogether – there will be no exemption.
    • Are shared or rented to someone else. It is strictly prohibited to share accounts and/or put accounts up for rent as this causes issues when an account is punished and/or is found to be causing problems in the game.
    • Buy, sell, or trade Growtopia accounts in exchange for in-game items. These transactions cause scam issues, giving other players bad experiences in dealing with other players in the game – we would like to avoid that.
    • Have an inappropriate in-game name. As we have mentioned, let’s keep the languages in the game a family-friendly one and that includes in-game names. Be reminded that when the Team see an inappropriately named account, we will change it without notice.

    "The price of greatness is responsibility...” – Winston Churchill

    While it is the Growtopia Team’s responsibility to secure the game and the information you have entrusted to them, it is also your responsibility to make sure that your account and items are safe on your side by making sure to do the following:
    • Register a VALID and WORKING e-mail address to your account. Make sure to NEVER share it with anyone. The e-mail address attached to your GrowID is how we verify account ownership, so make sure to keep it safe.
    • Keep your PASSWORD a SECRET. Sharing your password will result in stolen items. Ignore broadcasts telling you that the Growtopia Team is looking for moderators. If we want you, we’ll tell you. These links will direct you to fake phishing websites. DO NOT go there! Ubisoft and the Growtopia Team will NEVER EVER ask for your password.
    • Unprotected Items are at risk of being STOLEN. Use Doors, Locks, and Blocks wisely to protect your items. We DO NOT return stolen/lost/missing items, so BE CAREFUL!
    • An alternate account is still owned by you. Whatever the account is punished for, ALL other alternate accounts suffer the same punishment. When you play on an alternate account while your other account is banned, that is considered “Ban Evasion” and is punishable by permanent suspension on ALL accounts involved, regardless of initial ban duration. Be careful in using your other accounts.”
    • Do not rent or share your account to anyone. Any issue that transpires or any punishment given to the account when another player is using it will still be treated as the accounts' legitimate action and therefore will be dealt with using the usual process.
    Please note that, aside from World Locks, any other locks disintegrate after inactivity. Make sure you visit your worlds regularly!
    “Always…” – Professor Severus Snape, Harry Potter.

    Hackers and Scammers are everywhere and it’s very frustrating. Know that the team is always there to provide assistance. As the moderation team gets thousands of reports in-game, please do not feel ignored if they aren’t able to respond to you. They always try to assist each and every player as best they can.

    See online moderators by typing /mods on your chat box. Please remember though, all moderators have an ‘@’ in their names and their names are always purple (e.g. @NekoRei). If someone cannot show their moderator name, then they’re not a moderator. Be careful!

    Please also note that you can report a player or a world even without messaging a moderator, just follow these steps:

    To report a world:
    Type the /report command and write a quick note to tell us what rules are being violated by the world.

    To report a player:
    Wrench the player and write a quick note to tell us what rules were broken by the player.

    If your concern is account-related, you are missing purchases, or you would simply like to know the reason why your account is banned from the game, you can check our FAQ or send a message/report to Support directly on this link. They are the ones who can assist you with these kinds of issues.

    The Support Team can also help you with issues such as harassment and bullying over private messages in-game. Do not hesitate to send in your report and let the Support Team deal with them.

    Note that reports sent to Support are confidential and may include information that should not be shared. Because of this, we are asking everyone to keep your conversation with Support private. Any conversation between players and Support that is posted on any official social media platforms will be deleted directly by the moderation team (Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram).

    In accordance with the Growtopian Code, below are the additional rules that the moderation team will follow in answering and dealing with every Forum post. Please be sure to follow them to avoid infractions and/or bans.


    As stated in the above code, please tolerate and respect each other regardless of the differences in views. This rule includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Treat the community and the individuals within it with respect.
    • Use family-friendly language.
    • When disagreeing with someone make your points calmly, politely, and preferably, with evidence.
    • Avoid threatening people in any way.
    • Avoid sexual content (including content that can be interpreted as sexual because of its context).
    • Avoid bullying behavior;
      • Bullying = ongoing abusive behavior involving a power imbalance.
      • Power imbalance = a popular or experienced member attacking a new member and/or a collection of people attacking one person.
    • Be tolerant of others' beliefs, cultures, and personal quirks.
    • Avoid trolling behavior;
      • Trolling = drawing attention to yourself and causing problems in the community through lies, manipulation, alternative accounts, or other disruptive actions.
    Members who are unable to remain civil (in these ways or in other ways yet to be mentioned) will be given warnings (for the first offense) or infractions. Multiple violations will result in account suspension.


    Threads posted in the wrong sub-forum may be deleted.

    Every area has its own Title and Descriptions to make sure that your thread will be attended to based on its urgency. Please follow them to avoid getting your threads deleted. Infractions may be given for intentionally or repeatedly posting in the wrong sub-forum.


    Spam includes the following:
    • Advertising other games and/or companies.
    • Posting multiple copies of the same thread.
    • Bumping your own thread repeatedly or posting threads without being relevant to where it is posted in order to raise your post count or posting threads disrupting the normal forum activities.

    Limit your signature to a reasonable size. You can use spoilers to hold pictures or texts that are too long which make the thread harder to read or scroll through.

    When creating your signatures, make sure that you observe the ‘Be Civil’ rule and avoid inappropriate texts, images, and/or videos.


    Talking about hacks or cheats in the Forum is like encouraging other members of the community to check it out and try it. When posting a thread, remember not to:
    • Use "famous" hacker names.
    • Link their websites.
    • Give any information that allows someone to Google it (we don't really want kids getting malware and Trojans installed).
    We aren’t preventing you from discussing recent game issues, but we discourage everyone in posting step-by-step details in the Forum to avoid spreading hacks and cheats.


    As stated in the above Growtopian Code, both the Support and Moderation teams are always here for you. The teams read your reports, so there is no need to direct your threads to anyone to get their attention. Forums are above all a place to discuss with other players.

    We always move as a team. Calling someone to attend to your thread and receiving a response from someone else within the team might give the impression that the person you are calling out to is not interested in helping you or the community. This is 100% not the case.

    Feel free to message them, however, as their private messages are always open for your inquiry and reports.

    If you notice your posts or threads were removed by the moderators, it's for a reason, so you should not re-post it. Be careful - if this happens a couple of times, we will remove the account and all posts from the forums without any warning.

    Ubisoft owns Growtopia’s Intellectual Property Rights. All the game assets and sprites are Ubisoft’s sole property. You have our permission to use the sprite sheet as long as the following conditions are met:

    • You will credit Growtopia and Ubisoft for the assets used.
    • There will be no way to generate revenues (No IAPs nor ads).
    • The product created will not be a game on its own, but a helpful tool for Growtopia users (such as a companion app).
    • Any approval of these applications is as per Ubisoft discretion and can be removed by our legal team at any moment.
    • The app will not break the game T&Cs in any way.
    • You will credit Growtopia and Ubisoft for the assets used.
    • The art will not be put up for sale.
    Note that producing merchandise using Growtopia assets and sprites are strictly prohibited. Usage of any of them without permission is punishable by law. Check out Ubisoft’s Term of Use for more details.

    Happy gaming!

    ~ The Growtopia Team
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    "Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you got to open your brain to the possibilities." - King Bumi.

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    Forum Infractions

    3-Strike System
    • Light Infringement
      • 3-day suspension
      • 1 Infraction point
      • Point is removed after 30 days
    • Minor Infringement
      • 3-day suspension
      • 1 Infraction point
      • Point is permanent
    • Major Infringement
      • 6-day suspension
      • 2 Infraction points
      • Points are permanent
    • Severe Infringement
      • Permanent suspension
      • 3 Infraction points
      • Points are permanent​​​​​​
    User Groups

    All users who are suspended will be moved to a specific User Group.
    Point Balance Ban User Group Ban Duration
    1 Infraction Point Silenced 3 Days
    2 Infraction Points Silenced 6 Days
    3 Infraction Points Cursed Permanent
    You can only receive one Infraction per post or incident, please be aware that these points stacks, which means that when 3 points are accumulated the account will be permanently suspended. Also, the duration of temporary suspension stacks.

    1. You intentionally spam on one thread and try to evade the swear filter
    2. You are reported and receive 1 Light Infraction for spamming and 1 Minor Infraction for evading the swear filter
    3. Which is why you receive 1+1=2 Infraction Points and are suspended for 3+3=6 days. Your account is moved into the User Group "Silenced"
    4. After 6 days you can access the forum again and you are no longer "Silenced".
    5. After 30 days the Light Infraction runs out and 1 Infraction Point is removed from your point balance, the 1 point that you received for the Minor Infraction is however permanent
    6. You insult another user on the forums and receive 1 Major Infraction = 2 Infraction Points
    7. Since you already accumulated 1 Point from before you have now 1+2=3 Infraction Points and your account is permanently suspended and moved into the User Group "Cursed"
    Infraction Table
    Level Infraction Points Point Expires User Group Ban Duration
    Light Spamming, trolling or bumping threads 1 After 30 Days Silenced 3 Days
    Light Intentional posting in the wrong or in multiple subforums 1 After 30 Days Silenced 3 Days
    Minor Using Ubisoft or staff names to get attention 1 Never Silenced 3 Days
    Minor Inappropriate name/signature/title/content/language 1 Never Silenced 3 Days
    Minor Evading swear filters 1 Never Silenced 3 Days
    Minor Disruptive behavior 1 Never Silenced 3 Days
    Minor Sharing support tickets 1 Never Silenced 3 Days
    Minor Singling out others users 1 Never Silenced 3 Days
    Major Insults and bullying behavior 2 Never Silenced 6 Days
    Major Extreme disruptive behavior 2 Never Silenced 6 Days
    Major Pretending to be a hacker 2 Never Silenced 6 Days
    Severe Sharing information about abusing game mechanics and malicious third party programs 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Sharing sensitive information (private, confidential or datamined) 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Extreme and bigot profanity (name/signature/title/content/language) 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Severe bullying behavior and death threats 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Promoting phishing websites and scam links 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Real money trading 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Advertising other games or products 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Staff impersonation 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Severe Ban evasion 3 Never Cursed Permanent
    Please note that we reserve the right to give Custom Infractions (1 to 3 Points) in case any of these infractions don't fit a necessary sanction.

    Appealing an Infraction on the Forums

    You can always appeal an Infraction or Suspension. In order to do so, please submit a ticket to the Customer Support Team:

    Make sure that your email address is the same as the one on the forums, otherwise we will not be able to follow up with your request. Also be clear that this appeal is regarding an Infraction on the forums, not in the game. Also note please that if your infraction is temporary, we will likely not lift it, as by the time you receive the answer, the infraction might already have ended automatically.