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  • Item Duplication Glitch Updates

    Hello Growtopians,

    In light of the item duplication glitch that just happened, we had to take some measures to counter the impact in the game.

    FIRST: We fixed the issue and it is now not possible to duplicate items anymore.
    SECOND: We blocked the transactions possible with the main items concerned by the glitch, which implies that you will not be able to trade them, drop them, gift them or store them until they're all removed from the economy.
    THIRD: We're removing all the items duplicated from the game.

    * Do note that we will NOT compensate players who spent world locks acquiring them. While purchasing a duplicated item that results from an exploit from such off-market prices, you knew it was an illegal item. As a result, you engaged your responsibility in acquiring them. Do not contact the support for any request of getting world locks back related to this issue as we will not be handling these requests.
    * And lastly, we are not banning the players who bought the items, unless the player intentionally abused the glitch or the provided cheap duped items.

    Below you can find the concerned items that were Locked (TEMPORARY - while our team investigates and removes the duplicated items) due to this incident:
    Challenge Crown
    Cloak of Falling Waters
    Da-Vinci Wings
    Diamond Dragon
    Duct Tape
    Golden Air Robinsons
    Golden Angel Wings
    Golden Diamond Necklace
    Golden Diaper
    Golden Heart Crystal
    Horns of Infinity
    Nightmare Devil Wings
    Phoenix Wings
    Pile of Zombie Brains
    Rainbow Cape
    Rayman's Fist
    Teeny Golden Wings
    The maintenance related to this issue is now over, and to thank you for your patience, blocks will drop twice more gems for one day!

    Have a lovely weekend ~

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    Item Duplication Glitch [UPDATE 1/20]

    Hello Growtopians,

    First and above all, we are thankful for your support, especially at times like these.

    I just want to further clarify some points related to the current issue:
    - We cannot differentiate the duplicated items to the normal ones directly, that is why you may have your good old Rayman’s Fist untradeable now. This is temporary only, and it will get back to normal soon.
    - We are only removing the duplicated items, the process will take some time, but we will get there, and the prices will get back to normal.
    - We will make these temporary untradeable items not purchasable from Vending Machine.
    - If you have duplicated items on your characters, we will remove them soon, there is no need to panic.

    We also made some temporary changes to the Legendary Quest while the clean-up is ongoing:
    - The legendary wizard is inaccessible for now
    - Legendary wizard splice recipe is blocked for the time-being
    - Players will not be able to punch a full-grown legendary wizard tree and lab recipe for Dary seeds is currently disabled
    - Players will not be able to plant Legend and Dary seeds since they are mod items for now


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      Further explanations on the decision not to Rollback

      Hello everyone,

      We understand your frustration regarding this issue, and feel it just as strongly. Our players - you guys! - are the top priority, which means these issues do not make our life fun in the slightest.
      I’d like to use this post to explain in detail why we decided not to go for a rollback; in the end, you may or may not agree with our decision, but I hope to provide as many details as I can in order to help you understand why we made it.

      First, the issue ran over a long time before its detection, indeed the duplicate creation started on the 17th at 12am, until the maintenance we launched at 1am on Saturday 19th. That means the issue ran for a little over 48 hours.

      With this in mind, let’s discuss what a rollback actually does. A rollback is not magic button to restore the game to a previous state. Yes, we restore a game database backup, but that never goes fully as planned. There can be some data corruption cases, and the backup may not be from right before the issue started, so you can assume the further loss of roughly 12 extra hours, as we cannot guarantee an exact time for pulling the backup.

      In addition, the rollback process needs a couple of hours to be prepared, and from 8 to 12 hours to be completed.
      So if we sum up all of this, from the beginning of the issue to the ideal rollback to be live, that is a total of 75 hours - or more than 3 days - of progression loss, including the 2 days of hard work from all of you.

      That seemed unfair to us for many reasons:
      - 7,500 items had been duplicated (roughly)
      - With 300,000 players daily, very few players were actually concerned by this glitch
      - Most players would have lost 75 hours of Growtopia time for no reason affecting their gameplay
      - Some new issues related to data corruption could have appeared for these users
      Looking back at it even now, we still believe we took the right call, but I agree that it is not black and white.

      Now, I want to talk about the items and their compensation. With so many items to track, we had to take tough decisions, and even if we were not happy either about not giving back the locks, going through reverting the entire chain of trades and drops for all the items would require too much manpower.

      This investigation and the latest server issues are already affecting badly our tickets and query answering times, and we are sorry for this.

      We did not want to announce anything about this yet, but FYI, we are looking at giving some form of compensation for players who lost their locks if they bought duplicates at a reasonable price, but we are not fully certain that we will be able to process this. We will do our best and will keep you posted about this.

      Finally, yet importantly, while we would never claim to be perfect, lately the game has been under attack from all fronts and we are putting a considerable amount of extra hours into the additional work required to combat these assaults without delaying any game updates, so that all players can continue to enjoy Growtopia.

      It is sad that some players can find joy in tarnishing the experiences of others, but we will always try our best to reduce the impact they may have, and take any and all actions required to repair any damage they may cause. For those who are here to punch, build, and grow, we wish you the best and hope to continue to provide fantastic opportunities to adventure and create in the many worlds of Growtopia!



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        Item Duplication Glitch [UPDATE 2/07]

        It took us a while (and shed many tears) but we were able to remove most of the duplicated items from the game, still a long way to go but we are getting there. Even if we will be keeping three items locked for now, we are releasing most of them today.

        We know you’re all eager to know what’s going on so far and what’s going to happen next so here are the updates:

        We were able to remove 70%+ of these items and we will be releasing these locked items effective today, February 7, 2019:
        Golden Air Robinsons / Golden Angel Wings / Golden Diamond Necklace / Golden Diaper / Golden Heart Crystal / Teeny Golden Wings / Challenge Crown / Cloak of Falling Waters / Diamond Dragon / Rainbow Cape / Rayman's Fist / Songpyeon / Dary / Legen / Horns of Infinity / Nightmare Devil Wings / Pile of Zombie Brains / Duct Tape / Heavenly Scythe

        For the last 3 remaining items (Da-Vinci Wings, Phoenix Wings, Thingamamob) we were able to remove 57% of them so far, and we are aiming at remove most of the rest in the next weeks before unlocking them.

        Dary seed lab recipe will also remain blocked but you can now access and splice the Legendary Wizard again and punch a fully-grown Legendary Wizard tree.

        If your Untrade-A-Box contains a tradeable item inside it, you will find it inaccessible and will get an error message.

        We aptly banned the players who were harmful to the community and purposely bought large amount of duplicated items in order to scam and mistreat other players. The bans will go from 7 days as warning to perma-ban for extreme cases. Also, players who bought duplicated items but willingly surrendered them to us will not be banned as a reward for their honesty.

        Last but not least, as we mentioned in our announcement earlier we will be compensating players who legitimately bought duplicated items (meaning they bought the items at a price that could have been realistic).