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Official Rollback Announcement (14th February 2019)

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  • Official Rollback Announcement (14th February 2019)

    Hello Growtopians,

    Thank you very much for being patient over the last few hours as we have worked to bring services back to normal.

    As some of you may be aware, our data hosting service suffered a critical drive failure on 13th February, 2019. This issue spread into a cascade of failures for the RAID array, and cleanup/repairs have been ongoing since then in the hopes of restoring the damaged data. In the last few hours, it’s become clear that a full restoration will unfortunately not be possible. Despite our best efforts and those of our hosting company, some degree of data corruption will remain, and we fear that going live with the recovered data in this state will lead to an unknown number of missing items, worlds, etc.

    This is, of course, unacceptable, and as such, we will be initiating a rollback. This will return the game’s state to the backup that was made the day before (updated with exact backup time: 12th February 2019 approximately 15.00 Growtopia Time), meaning a little under 24 hours of data and activity will be lost. This includes all activity related to items created and traded. Note that it will take approximately one day for us to implement this rollback, and the game will remain offline during this time. As this will be Growtopia’s fifth rollback, all the standard rewards and compensations will be activated in the form of an official Apology Event, including:

    • All IAP transactions that were made during the time of the rollback will be reimbursed AND doubled.

    • All IAPs will provide 25% extra gems for a limited time following the server restart.

    • A special, limited-time rollback plaque will be introduced via a new splice recipe to commemorate the occasion.

    • Increased drop chances for seeds and gems from blocks will be active for a limited time following the server restart.

    • In addition, due to the lost time and general chaos, the Valentine’s event will be extended.

    Please note that the response time for emails has gone up as after a rollback our support team gets a lot of requests. We will be working as fast as we can to catch up, so do not worry as we will be in touch with you as soon as we can. We will be answering requests in the order that we receive them, so in case you have already been in touch we will respond to your initial email. There is no need to send extra requests to support.

    Also we will be sending regular updates to this thread regarding the rollback status. Stay tuned.

    We are deeply sorry for the extreme inconveniences that have resulted from this drive failure. If there were any other way we could have prevented the need for a rollback, please believe we would have pursued it. We will be working around the clock to ensure things go online as soon as possible, and hope to see you in-game and building anew from the ashes soon!

    -- The Growtopia Team

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Our team has been working very hard since the moment we got the news regarding our hardware failure.

    At the moment we are at 50% rollback completion.

    We will keep you guys posted.

    Thank you for bearing with us.


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      Hello again Growtopians!

      Here is another update: We are at almost 70% rollback completion.

      We will keep you guys posted as we are able to progress.

      Thank you for your patience.


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        Hello again Growtopians!

        We are almost at 95% Rollback completion. Almost there!

        We will keep you guys updated.

        Thank you for your patience once again.
        "Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you got to open your brain to the possibilities." - King Bumi.


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          Hello Growtopians!

          We are pleased to announce that our servers are LIVE now!

          Thank you for staying with us and enjoy The Apology Event for the next 48 hours! Also, Valentine's week event will continue for the extra 72 hours after the Apology event ends.

          See you guys in-game!

          -- The Growtopia Team


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            Hello again Growtopians!

            We did see your SBs and Direct Messages regarding items that were lost and we would like to reinforce what a rollback is.

            A rollback implies progression reset to a previous state of the game. Which means, anything you have done between February 12th 15.00'ish Growtopia time and February 13th will be reverted.

            This includes all trades and other actions. So, for example, if you traded a DL for the Rayman’s fist within that time period – after a rollback you will find no Rayman’s Fist in your inventory, but the DL will be restored.

            With this said - check your inventory and check your Worlds before making any progress loss claim. Also, please note, that any false claim can create a suspension on your account or increase further the current penalty. For more details check our FAQ:

            If you are still sure that some items were not restored to your account, please message the Customer Support explaining your situation - we will have to verify your account and the traders account as well, to be sure both items were lost and process the trade.

            Thank you for your understanding,

            -- The Growtopia Team