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  • April Update

    Dear Growtopians,

    We fool you not, we really have a lot in store for everyone this awesome month of April!

    Patch Note 2.989 (Content Update):
    • Item of the Month: Hellfire Horns - A hat clothing item.
    • Spring Clash 3rd Branch of prizes - now available in-game!
    • Community Hub - features contents made by the Community, Creators, and the Growtopia Team!
    • Awesome-O-Matic - New item for the chosen content creators, which gives the owner customized blocks!! More details in our latest Youtube Video! This quarter's chosen content creators:

      1. MrSongo GT
      2. BenBarrage
      3. Tery
      4. evets_gt
      5. LinkTrader GT
      6. macproof_gt
      7. VenomST
      8. Keenan GT
      9. OldGertie

    • 2019 WOTD Trophy - 2019 version of the WOTD trophy that can be used for the Legendary quest.
    • Building Update - New building items are now available!
      - New blocks added all over the place!
      - Older block drops rebalanced for better builder benefits!
    • Billboards – instead of modifying Royal Locks, now by being a supporter, players can unlock a feature called the Billboard (accessible by wrenching yourself). This will be a way for players to display their selling trade option without cluttering the chat. When enabled, the billboard displays an icon near the top left side of a player. The icon indicates that this player has something to sell! To note: this feature only supports the display of an item to be sold.
    • The Grin - Additional Growmoji to the Monthly Bundle!
    • Subscriber Item of the Month: Mah-Kah-Ron-Hat design by EloraFaline
    • NEW Mod Items:
      NekoRei's Fluffy Micio - hat clothing with cat ears and black hair, when equipped displays "Micio", a cat pet that follows you around.
      NekoRei's Fluffy Tail - back clothing

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    And don't forget to share your feedback HERE.



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    April 2019 Update - Dev Diary!

    Hello Growtopians!

    BLOCK PARTY 2 is here at last! We've been planning something like this one for a while, and it's nice to finally see it go live. Basically, this is an update that's all about building. We're not only adding a bunch of new blocks throughout the game, but we're also introducing a new block provider that has a ton of potential drops (new and old alike!) and rebalancing over fifty different drops to give EVEN MORE blocks to you hungry builders out there!

    Our reasoning behind this update is simple: We've gotten a lot of feedback over the past few months (and years) that there simply wasn't enough content being added for builders, and what was in the game often had very poor drop rates. We hope this update goes a long way toward addressing both of those concerns, though that's not all we have up our sleeves: we also have a new branch for Spring Clash and an awesome new Community Hub full of places for you to explore the crazy creations of your fellow Growtopians and show off all your new designs!

    We can't wait to see what you guys create with these new blocks. We hope you like the new options (and revamped drops), but either way, please let us know! We're always listening and we love to hear your thoughts!

    P.S.: Ooh, and billboards! Now you have a new way to advertise your trades without needing to dive into chat! So cool.