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Season Clash Update! Major Changes Ahead!

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  • Season Clash Update! Major Changes Ahead!

    Hello Growtopians!

    The time has come! At long last, I can share our plans for the future of Season Clashes. It's been over a year since we first debuted the concept of Clashes with the Guilds update, and since then, we've gathered a lot of data. We've reviewed the results, played it a ton, and most importantly, listened to your feedback. From there, we had a lot of meetings. Like, hours of meetings. We created several design proposals, iterated on those, and finally agreed upon a new course of action for Clashes.

    Now, before we get to those changes, I'd like to run through our findings and what we wanted to fix. We're changing the way Season Clashes work, after all, and that wouldn't happen if we didn't see issues that needed addressing. In short, here's what we saw as problematic:
    • You guys were getting burnt out. The first changes we made to the system were intended to prevent this by shifting the focus away from time-based success to something a little more randomized and gem-based, but the constant weekend grind and drive to perform for months still ended up making Clashes into a job, not a game.
    • Despite the variety in event types, the weekly schedule was making things feel repetitive. A lot of people wanted more skill-based challenges. A lot of people mentioned wanting some kind of special parkour-based event.
    • Too much effort was required to really excel in Clash events and get all the prizes. Now, this was absolutely intentional, but it didn't feel great, and along with the above issues, led to another big problem...
    • Stress. Clash events were, above all else, intended to be a fun weekend activity that would be even more rewarding if you decided to do it with your friends. The balancing, repetitiveness, and overall difficulty of things may have led to some good reward value, but it also ended up turning the social aspect into a drive to identify and kick "freeloaders" while pushing "loyal" guildmates into hitting point quotas. That's not fun. That's not fun at all.

    At the same time, any changes we made would have to ensure your accomplishments weren't wiped out. You already know the legendary branch prizes aren't coming back, but if we suddenly made things easier, the value of any returning branch rewards - rewards you fought tooth and nail for - would get undercut, so we didn't want that, either.

    As such, we're scaling back Season Clashes and tweaking the requirements to get the "best" prizes. We're going to try to make things more interesting - and skill-based - and reduce the strain on guilds to perform. We'll be keeping the leaderboards, so those who want to fight it out with others for the top trophies can still do it, but hitting milestone prize goals to get branch tokens should be a lot less painful (and expensive), reducing the strain on players and guilds alike.

    Here's the plan:
    • Season Clashes will run for four months, but events will only occur once a month for three days (meaning one event type for all three days - Surgery Stars, for instance). That's right - there will only be four events per Season.
    • Reward branches and milestone tiers will be rebalanced so that one branch can be reasonably done in three days. You'll still have to work for it, but it shouldn't be a slog.
    • The last two prizes in each branch and the highest-tier milestone rewards will be relocated. At the end of each branch, you'll be able to get a special Finale Key.
    • Finale Keys will open a specially-made, semi-randomized (think Death Race, from Carnival) parkour world called Finale World. Just like Blarney, multiple players can enter the same world, but on doing so, each will have an individual timer that begins counting down.
    • Once the timer ends, you are kicked out of the Finale World.
    • While you're in a Finale World, you'll have the chance to tackle three different parkour paths. In terms of difficulty, they'll be easy, medium, and hard, and each will have a different treasure waiting at the end (the harder the path, the better the loot). These prizes can include the end-tier branch and milestone rewards. Each path can only be completed once. The best and most-skilled players will be able to beat all three before the timer runs out. Those who don't complete any paths in time will get a low-tier consolation prize.
    • Exquisite Anomalizers will be removed from the system. Any existing ones will be replaced with several Pristine anomalizers of the same type (exact number to be determined) for any players that currently own one.
    • Pristine and Elegant Anomalizers will be rebalanced, including a reduction in break chance. Delicate Anomalizers will be changed into Reliable Anomalizers. They will not break, but will have lower point return values than Pristine/Elegant in exchange.

    Woo! Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Funny how a simple goal can turn into a mountain of modifications - and just to be clear, that "simple goal" is: Make Clashes fun while retaining the value of their rewards. If you were fans of grinding out points and pouring tons of gems into the system week after week, we apologize, but that wasn't our goal here. We want Growtopia to be full of cool, rewarding stuff to do, with lots of interesting events and surprises every week, and with these changes, we hope Season Clashes will help contribute to that.

    Of course, you'll have to let us know if they do. A major driver behind these changes was your feedback, and if future alterations are needed, we trust you to tell us about it.

    Happy clashing, my friends!

    P.S.: In terms of timing, the earliest you can expect to see the all-new Summer Clash is at the end of July. Don't be surprised if it slips into August or later, though - we're still hard at work on these changes. We'll try to let you know if it looks like it's going to move!