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Dev Diary: Spam Update #2

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  • Dev Diary: Spam Update #2

    Hello Growtopians,

    We have some new changes to the Captcha system I'd like to share with you today. Over the last few months, you may have noticed math problems appearing in certain worlds - those are triggered by specific actions we associate with spammers. We've been running this Captcha in a handful of worlds, gathering data, hunting down bugs, and tweaking things before rolling out the system across all of Growtopia... which is happening now!

    Our goal here is a widespread reduction in spam. We know it's going to keep happening (it's still happening in the targeted worlds, after all), but it's definitely been reduced, and we hope to see similar effects across the game now that it's going global.

    This isn't the end goal, either - we have additional checks and systems we're going to start running trials on in the coming weeks and months, all with the goal of identifying and eliminating spammers, autofarmers, etc. - but we feel it's a good start, and hope you'll agree. Now that's it's live, please feel free to share any feedback or experiences you may have with the system. We want to hear your thoughts!