Hello Growtopians,

We would like to update and provide clarification to everyone about the Legendary Wizard and its quests. Here are the two things we would like to point out:

a) Legendary Wizard changes;
b) Selling/Buying Legendary Wizard quest steps.

We are glad to announce that everyone’s Legendary Wizard has been restored to its previous state, which means, when you punch and destroy your LWiz, they will go back to your inventory and you can place them elsewhere by your own hands.

Regarding the players who are selling their Legendary Wizard quest steps. The system is not intended to be used like that and we strongly recommend players not to sell or purchase these quest steps.

Even if we cannot stop you from doing so, heed our warning in selling/buying the Legendary Wizard quest steps. If someone lied to you about their Legendary Wizards and is actually already more advanced than what they pretend to be (as in, they are in the final steps of their quest) and ends up using your LWiz to get their last step done, we will not be able to help you out.

Be careful whom you trust and play safe and smart as always.