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Upcoming Changes in the Customer Support Channels

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  • Upcoming Changes in the Customer Support Channels

    Hello Growtopians!

    We have been actively implementing improvements to our customer support services. As you all already know, we started with getting more support agents and moderators. In line with this, we will be putting into place more changes starting this month, which will aim to make contacting Customer Support easier for everyone!

    1. Starting mid-July 2019, we will be shutting down therefore you will no longer be able to send us reports using that email address. Fear not, instead we will be opening new channels for you to reach us faster!
    2. For mobile users, you will soon be able to raise a ticket/report and check the FAQ directly in the game!
    3. For PC users, you will be able to get in touch with our customer support team through

    - What will happen to the existing tickets needed to be resolved sent through
    We will answer every ticket pending before switching to the new system. If some queries require a follow-up, we will take them on the new platform and we will have access to the old one ourselves to check the history.
    - How long will I get a response from the team through these new channels?
    The answer time will be as fast as on the email support, we are making regular improvements to answer faster to your queries.
    - What if I haven't received any response from the old channels for x amount of time, when can I make a follow up?
    You can make a follow-up in the new system for sure, but we have a reasonable amount of queries at the moment that we should be able to handle before the release.
    - If I send a report from my mobile/pc will I be able to view the response from either?
    You will be able to follow-up on your query via email, no matter the platform you started your inquiry on.
    - How safe is it to send my report/tickets through the new platforms?
    It is as safe as before and even more!
    - Do you need to make a Ubisoft account to type a written report via PC?
    Yes, in order to comply with Ubisoft flows in order to raise a query on the PC platform, you now need to connect to