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Fall Sneak Peek: Support & Community!

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  • Fall Sneak Peek: Support & Community!

    Hello Growtopians,

    After that great Chat System preview from Starkos (#moreHypePlz), I wanted to take a bit of time to talk to you about the community and support actions we’ve taken lately, and what’s to come.

    I will start with the support side, as some of you have already found out (like more than a hundred!) in-game support is now enabled! The FAQ, support forms, etc. are now available in the Settings, making this a new way to get your issues resolved!
    TL;DR: Goodbye! (a bit of nostalgia, but we have to move on )

    This change comes alongside our decision to work with a partner studio, helping us follow Ubisoft guidelines and - more importantly - offer you a better level of service.

    Speaking of which, I’ve noticed a few threads regarding our support response times, and I wanted to give you some numbers to show off the improvements we’ve seen over the past few months. In 2018, we achieved an average response time of 42 hours. For the first few months of 2019, that increased to an average of 58 hours (due to several issues of which you guys are aware).

    Now for the good news: after the changes we applied in May, our average response time for support tickets has been reduced to 19 hours! We’re finally meeting our target of replying to you within a day!

    Of course, as this is an average, some of you will have to wait longer (though some will be shorter!), but please understand that some queries on Growtopia can take several hours to resolve depending on their complexity, which is very, VERY different from many other games. These sorts of super-detailed issues can only happen in games with an open economy and a community as active as ours.

    All right, on to part two! I also wanted to talk about the community (yes, you guys). On this side of things, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in the past few months:
    - Spammer activity has dropped by more than 90% (kudos to nPlus1 and the team)
    - Thanks to stronger in-game monitoring, casino bans haven’t been so high in, well, forever
    - The Guardian initiative worked very well, and our forum guardians are regularly providing insightful answers on the forums
    - Our new moderators are working wonders and reinforcing a stronger moderation team
    - NekoRei has a little more free time now, which she’s been spending in-game with you guys!

    As for what’s to come on the community side, here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be doing in the near future:
    - Extending the Forum Guardians initiative with Game Guardians, giving select players new powers (though a bit more limited than the mods)
    - Hiring another wave of mods, most likely around September (NekoRei and Kairos will update the Gazette and make announcements about it as we get closer)
    - Creating dynamic in-game contests and activities that will reward exclusive content (these would be managed by Mods)
    - Having at least 1 mod connected and online for 16-24 hours per day

    That’s all for now! We’re really psyched about your support and excitement as we work to bring back the golden days of Growtopia. We’re committed to making this an amazing place to play and, of course, grow.

    Oh, and if you read this entire post, thanks! I gift you one piece of virtual candy.