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July Update: Summer Clash

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  • NekoRei
    July Update: Summer Clash

    Hello Growtopians,

    Never fear: CLASH is here! Redesigned to cut the grind and amp the fun, Summer Clash is back and its first weekend starts NOW! Go go go! The next won't be until August!

    Share your feedback here.

    ~ NekoRei

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  • Starkos
    started a topic July Update: Summer Clash

    July Update: Summer Clash

    Hello Growtopians!

    Season Clash is back! We've finished our revamp of everyone's favorite seasonal competition, and we're excited to see the results! As you may remember from my previous Dev Diary on this, we had a bunch of changes planned. Now that the Clash is out, I'm sure you'll notice a few things are a little different from what I originally announced, and today's Dev Diary is all about those tweaks!

    First, why did any changes occur? Well, besides internal and beta playtesting and iteration, we also listened to your feedback (*gasp*). I'm going to go through the major changes in a second, but I'd like to take a moment to point how cool this kind of iteration really is - watching a game evolve and grow is, to me, one of the most interesting aspects of game development, and I'm so glad you guys get to see it in action! Now, without further ado, here's what's new:
    • Legendary Prizes: They're back! Sorta! Okay, we heard you loud and clear: Having no legendary prize robs a lot of motivation from the Clash. But we also heard you loud and clear: Legendary prizes add tons of unfun pressure and stress to the Clash! Agh! As such, here's the new plan: We're going to add untradeable Legendary Clash Keys to the end of each branch. You finish a branch, you'll get a Finale World ticket and a key. These keys will be used to open a special prize chest at the end of Clash Series 2, currently planned for June 2020 (the end of Spring Clash). Most importantly, you won't need all the keys to open this chest - only ten of them. That way, while you'll need to finish most of the branches over the course of the year, you can miss a couple of them and still get your legendary, untradeable reward. Yay, compromises!
    • Parkour World Tweaks: Those three paths I mentioned? GONE. Now there's only a single path, with multiple exits (NINE, to be exact)! Each exit is tougher to reach than the last, but with better prizes/odds to match, so now you have a bit more control over what you'll be getting (and what you'll be willing to risk). Is the timer counting down too fast? Better hit that exit! Now, does this mean you're potentially getting fewer rewards in total? Yes. You're going from a max of three to a max of one. Does this mean the total value of those rewards is worse? No. Remember, the balancing here accounts for the fact that you'll be getting one reward instead of potentially three, so that one will, on average, be equal to the sum of the three you could've had.
    • Consolation Prize: As a result of the above change, the consolation prize is ALSO GONE. That said, it won't be very hard to reach the first few prize exits in this world, so unless you decide to stand still and wait out your timer, you'll almost certainly be getting something. Balancing has also been adjusted to take this into account, making even the easiest exit prize (1 of 9) better than the planned consolation prize.
    • Prize Pools and Odds: We know we're bringing RNG back into the prize pool, which isn't ideal, but it's also needed to reduce the overall strain of the event while still preserving the values of its best rewards (as explained in my previous Dev Diary). Before, you could clearly go for a branch reward item and know that was what you'd be getting (as long as you were willing to put in a ton of time/effort/gems), and now things are a bit less direct. In the interests of preserving a bit more of that directness and clarity, we've added images around all the exit gates in the Finale World, showing the items you can potentially receive if you end your run there. In addition, we've added signposts detailing the category-based odds of whether or not you'll be getting a common, rare, or epic prizes from those exits. You'll still be at the mercy of the RNG gods when it comes to an individual item, but now you should be a bit better-informed about what you're getting into!

    Phew, that's a lot. I hope all of this makes sense and you enjoy the revamp to Season Clash, but either way, please let us know - we're always listening to your feedback (as this complete overhaul should tell you), and there's always room down the line for more changes, tweaks, and updates!

    Happy Clashing, my friends!