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Daily Challenge Update (Mobile & PC)

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  • Daily Challenge Update (Mobile & PC)

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    We now have WHOLE NEW set of Daily Challenges on Mobile & PC, including all-new GUILD Challenges for EVERY last one. If that's not enough, fantastic new prizes are everywhere too! Nabbing these treasures isn't a question of luck, though - you'll have to battle your fellow Growtopians (and their Guilds) to get these mighty rewards!

    The challenge will be great, but then, all the best ones are!

    So... are you up for a challenge?

    And of course... do share your feedback and suggestions about this update here.


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    [Dev Diary] October 2019 Update!

    Hello Growtopians!

    We have a spicy new update for you this month, filled with cool new items and even cooler new challenges! Now, it's been ages since Daily Challenges were updated, so why now? Well, it hasn't been for lack of interest (or feedback - we've been reading those threads), but rather we wanted to have a good number of systems to add to the Challenges when we returned to it!

    It's not just new Daily Challenges, though! We've built on the Guild system to incorporate Guild Challenges, too! These will be the same as the Daily Challenges (i.e., if it's a Fish Frenzy day, then both the Personal and Guild Challenge will be Fish Frenzy), but winning the Personal Challenge will be all about the points you earn, and winning the other will be all about the points your guild earns! Every Daily Challenge will have a new prize available for guilds, and the entire winning guild will get that prize.

    So, to sum up, here's what we're adding:
    • New Daily Challenges!
    • New Personal Rewards for the new Daily Challenges!
    • Guild Challenges for all Daily Challenges (new and old alike)!
    • New Guild Rewards for all Daily Challenges!

    We think this should be an exciting return to the feature and we're hoping to see a whole new competitive landscape arise each day as guilds get in on the action! As always, please let us know how we did and if you have any new suggestions or feedbacks - and, of course, have fun!


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      Update on the Daily Challenge

      Hello Growtopians

      We are aware of the issue that took place earlier during the Daily Challenge today, hence, it will be inaccessible for the remainder of the day. However, it will be available again at the time currently displayed in the game. The Daily Challenge time slots will then vary moving forward so that players from different parts of the world can get involved in the challenges!