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Community Updates 2019 #2

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  • Community Updates 2019 #2

    Hello dear Growtopians,

    It’s been about 6 months since the last global communication, and they’ve been amazing months filled with exciting updates and community events. I mean, I know you especially liked the Chat update, right? …no? Ok, I’ll let Starkos handle that one… #epicDodge

    Ok, more seriously, last time, we mentioned we wanted to make time to allow for greater interactions with you guys, and I’m happy to announce we’ve scored the highest in-game moderation score since at least when Ubisoft took over the game (and probably more but I won’t go there ).

    Did we make this transition perfectly? Probably not, and some mistakes were made on our side, but this level of activity is great! Indeed, our moderation team is more active than ever, reaching levels of activity at the same level as our in-house employees and Canadian team, and that is awesome. I mean, these Guardians and Mods are helping the game for free - big kudos to the team!

    One thing we are late on, however, is the hiring of new mods, but hey, we needed a bit more time than planned to organize things better so we can keep this ball rolling into the future. Therefore, for the process, we’ve decided that “Guardian” is now the entry point to the moderation team, which gives us more time to evaluate the impact of a person before granting them mod status. About the Guardians, we will hire new ones within 1 month (and we’re really going to try to hit that deadline ), so please keep checking the Gazette!

    For the community engagement part, we managed to organize in-game events for Halloween and it seems like you guys enjoyed them, so we’ll aim to have more and more of these (hopefully not only around Annual Events, too).

    So for the next months, Baskerville and the team will keep on bringing new engaging events while we will aim to keep our support answer time low and our presence to the maximum.

    As always, thank you so much for your continuous support, and for connecting to the game every day!