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Trading game items for Art/Videos

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  • Trading game items for Art/Videos

    Hello Growtopians,

    We still stand by our stance that trading in-game items for anything outside of the game and vice versa is discouraged. Therefore, you will not receive any kind of assistance from the Customer Support Team in case any participating account loses items, get compromised, or in any other way get impacted by this kind of transaction. Taking part in this kind of exchange risks both your items' and account's security as we have no way to guarantee a safe environment for this trade.

    However, please be aware that trading items for real money is still strictly illegal within and without the game and thus will result in a suspension from the game.

    For trading items completely outside of the game such as merchandise, art commissions, etc., as long as these items are original creations, and do not infringe any copyright laws, i.e. using any official Growtopia sprites and designs, they are free to sell them for real-life currency and will not, in any way, result to suspension of their account. However, again, as this is happening completely outside of the game, we will not offer any kind of assistance if in case issues arise.

    If anything is unclear or if you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the Customer Support Team.

    ~ The Growtopia Team
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