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    Hey Growtopians!

    Valentine's Week has begun! It's that precious time when true love blooms, secret admirers reveal their feelings, and blocks - not hearts - are broken! To celebrate, we've added lots of romantic (golden!) new items, plus the chance to get a Super Golden Booty Chest!

    Also, we re-designed The Gazette, your first and foremost source for all new Growtopia information, you can open it in-game by typing the command /news!

    Let's not forget the rest of the February updates:
    • February Item of the Month: Medusa's Crown! A gift from the great Gorgon herself, this crown not only gives you the power to blast blocks with her serpentine gaze; it also lets you turn your enemies - and hey, maybe even friends - to stone!
    • Spelunkorama Strikes Back: Find all NEW Magic Stones, explore a whole new cave system and mine its Magic Ore deposits with Mining Explosives scattered throughout the caves. Go explore some deeper caves beyond the Cave Blast and gather some ores!

    Check out Valentine's Week and the rest of the updates and let us what you think about them here.

    Spread love and cheers and enjoy the game!

    ~ Ayame

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    Datemaster's Rose issues and Golden Booty Chests

    Hi all,

    We were able to investigate the lag issues which were also causing some of you to crash and being disconnected. After identifying that Datemaster's Rose was causing these issues, and we decided to change the particle effect temporarily to resolve this issue.

    We are also aware that many of you opened your Golden Booty Chests but loosing points due to crashing and thus loosing out on Super Golden Booty Chests. We're currently investigating means of compensating however this is a bit more complicated than you may think as we need to replicate the actual point balance you would have had without crashing. The team is already working on this, but it will take a few days, however we are sure to reach good solution for everyone affected. We will let you know here once the compensation have been handed out.

    We're sorry for any conveniences caused and hope you still have a nice Valentine's Day!

    ~ Baskerville


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      Hello Growtopians!

      Great news! As part of the compensation for the recent issue, we are extending Valentine's Week to one more day therefore you can still enjoy Valentine's until Friday, 21st of February! Plus we are doing a double gem drop starting today until tomorrow so start farming! But wait, there's more! We're still working on additional compensation so stay tuned!

      ~ NekoRei


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        Valentines Week Compensation

        Hello Growtopians,

        As you may have experienced, we encountered some issues during the start of the Valentines Week. By opening a Golden Booty Chest you would receive 1 point, at 100 points you would be rewarded 1 Super Golden Booty Chest as additional reward to give you added value and add an exciting progression.

        However, some of you would crash by performing certain actions and lose points gathered. We understand that both issues were very problematic, especially loosing points and missing progression is unacceptable. We were able to find a solution and fix the issue, unfortunately this was resolved too late. If we carry on with this system in next year’s Valentines Week, we expect this issue to not happen again.

        Obviously, this is not addressing the issues this year. Initially, we wanted to compensate for all points lost, for each user individually, and the team investigated may solutions in the past days. However, we ran into some issues that made it difficult to reconstruct this information. As you know, the record of points was lost and this problem directly ties to the data we had at our disposal, meaning that compensating exact amounts would not be possible.

        To make it fair for everyone, we decided on multiple ways to compensate. First, we extended the Valentines Week by one day and add a Double Gem Drop yesterday for the whole day. Currently, we are processing a list of all users and will reward everyone who lost points with a specific number of Golden Booty Chests. With this you will be able to regain some points as well as receiving the chest’s items on top of course. We ask for your patience while this script is processing the compensation.

        We would like to apologize for these inconveniences once more, with this we hope to make it right. The Development Team as well as the Customer Support Team is works hard on resolving these issues for you and we are always here for you. If you have any questions and concerns specific to your account, please contact the Customer Support Team directly in the game on Mobile devices and if you are playing on PC here.

        The team thanks you for your patience and your ongoing trust.

        ~ The Growtopia Team