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Forum Adjustments for Increased Stability

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  • Forum Adjustments for Increased Stability

    Hello Growtopians!

    As you might know already, we have been experiencing issues on the forum due to increased traffic, which were causing the forum to lag and create down times for some of you. We have decided to take some measures to improve the forums' stability going forward.

    We've already started on some adjustments, this means some features are already disabled, some will be disabled soon and some need additional bug-fixing in the coming days. So if something is currently not working, please report it in Bugs & Glitches, however we might be already aware of the issue and are likely working on a solution already.

    The following changes have been made:
    • Member List - removed
    • What's Going On? - removed
    • Who's Online? - removed
    • Albums - removed
    • Calendar - removed
    • FAQ - will now link to
    • Picture Attachments - limited to 1 MB
    • Reduced the number of posts per thread to 12

    Rest assured that our team is doing their best to fix the forum lag issue but please bear with us for the time-being. Thank you for your patience and understanding. See you in game!

    ~ The Growtopia Team

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    Forum Adjustments Finalized

    Hey Growtopians,

    We've concluded all adjustments the Forum to increase the stability (please see my post above) and were able to sort out all issues that occurred during the adjustment period. As always please let us know your suggestions and report any issues you may encounter.

    ~ Baskerville