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    Hello Growtopians,

    The last weeks were truly out of the ordinary. As you might remember in February we made some changes to the team. Some left, some just started working on Growtopia. During Valentines Week, we encountered some issues with scores and then in March we unfortunately had a breach on one of our moderator accounts. There were many factors and reasons that led to an increase of requests from the community. But that's ok! We are always here to help you and we want you to reach out to us in time of need.

    Right now, many of you are staying at home, some of you even don't have a choice. It's a difficult time for everyone, but we are truly happy to serve this great community. Even if you cannot meet your friends in person, you can do so in Growtopia! Our player numbers have been increasing and so have been the requests from the community. Meanwhile, everyone in the Community and Customer Support Team have been safely relocated, so they can continue to Work from Home and respond to your inquiries.

    Since we saw a delay in the ticket response time in February, we took some measures to speed up processes. Now that we get even more requests from the community on a daily basis we've been working hard on new measures to speed up responses even more, and we've already seen success in the past days!

    In the next weeks you may still see a delay, but we're working hard on getting the response time back to normal as soon as possible. If you are still waiting for a response, do not worry, we will answer you. If you sent us one ticket, please do not send another one for the same topic, this will only delay the answer your and everyone else is waiting for.

    We ask for your patience and thank you for your support! Stay save everyone!

    ~ The Growtopia Team