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April Update 2020 + Dev Diary

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  • April Update 2020 + Dev Diary

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    Hello Growtopians,

    It may be April Fool's Day but these updates are no joke! We've released a bunch of really cool quality-of-life updates for you this month!

    Let's start off by introducing everyone to this month's IOTM and Subscriber's Item:
    • Item of the Month: Boastful Brawler Hair + Powerful Ponytail Hair
    • Subscriber Item of the Month: Chilled Smile Mask designed by XMenkel

    And didn't I tell you we have a bunch more surprises? Well, read ThePsyborg's Dev Diary about these new quality-of-life updates below!
    • Inventory slots upgrade
    • Inventory tab position change
    • Inventory search function for mobile
    • Button feedback when you press (the jump, left, right buttons) + in game menu options layout changed into buttons format
    • Support for notched Mobile Devices, you can activate the option in the game settings!

    So what do you think? Let us know your insights about our IOTM and the new features here.

    And wait... there's more! Watch out for Easter Week because we'll be celebrating it soon!

    ~ NekoRei

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    [Dev Diary] Notched Device Support & Backpack Improvements

    Hello Growtopians!

    We have some general improvements that have been requested for quite a while this month! You, our players have many great suggestions and requests for improvements, and we do listen. This month we have brought some of those suggestions to the game.

    Notched Device Support
    The issue with the notch on iPhone X and other mobile devices - you now have the option to push the menus and HUD buttons out from the edge of the screen in the settings menu. Also, with many phones introducing drag-in menus from the edge of the screen, we have increased the size of the drag handles on both the inventory and the chat windows. These drag handles can also be tapped to bring open these windows as well.

    Backpack Improvements
    We have also implemented some of your suggestions for improvements to the inventory filters we added last month as well as finally bringing the search feature to all the mobile platforms. With this change, the filter tabs have been moved to the left and now use just icons to take up less of your screen space. The search can also be hidden when you are not using it to give as much space as possible for the items you are using.

    Lastly, we bring you more backpack space! We have increase the maximum slots in the backpack for those of you who keep running out of space.

    As always, please let us know how we did and if you have any new suggestions or feedbacks - and, of course, have fun! Stay safe everyone!

    ~ ThePsyborg