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Forum Intrusion Incident on April 26th

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  • Forum Intrusion Incident on April 26th

    Hello Growtopians,

    We would like to address the recent concerns about the forum security that have surfaced and reassure you that our forum database was not hacked, nor was any Growtopia game account.

    On April 26th we noticed a malicious intrusion on the forum and identified that one of the moderator accounts got compromised, giving intruder(s) temporary access to our forum’s Moderator Control Panel, and the ability to view some details of a very limited number of forum user profiles.

    As soon as the intrusion was spotted, we immediately took all necessary actions and conducted an audit.

    Following a thorough investigation, we confirmed that the intruder(s) did not manage to perform any action, or access any forum or game passwords; they were therefore temporarily able to see the following information:
    • Username
    • User ID
    • Email Address
    • IP Address
    • Birthday (if added at some point)
    • Other forum specific details like user groups, etc.

    If your account has been affected by this incident (among the 100 accounts), we will reach out to you in person by email. Please remember that we will never ask you to send us your password or any payment details.

    As a further precaution and general safety rule online, we continue to encourage all of you to reinforce the security of your information by enabling two-factor authentication for your Growtopia/Ubisoft account, as instructed here: Keeping your Growtopia account secure

    We assure you that your data privacy remains one of our utmost priorities and that all possible measures were promptly taken to make sure our forum continues to be a safe, welcoming and secured place for our community.

    ~ The Growtopia Team