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Super Pineapple Party 2020 + Dev Diary

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  • Super Pineapple Party 2020 + Dev Diary

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    Hello Growtopians,

    It's a Pineapple Party in Growtopia all week! Splice the unsplicable, grow pineapples and eat them! Can't eat more? Don't worry - there will always be someone to throw another one at you for sure! Or just chase your friends around and stuff them full with pineapples.

    If you want to know more, read ThePsyborg's Dev Diary below! And as always, do let us know what you think about this year's Super Pineapple Party in this thread!

    Oh, and one more thing. Don't be surprised if your title is missing... because it's not! We've just released a new Title Option, which will allow you to enable and disable the titles you have unlocked! You just need to wrench yourself to see this new option!

    Have fun!

    ~ NekoRei

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    [Dev Diary] Super Pineapple Party!

    I hope everyone is doing great out there!

    Updates and events are comin’ atcha fast this month! I’m delighted to announce that Pineapple Party is back and it’s bigger, better, and more pineapple-y than ever!

    For instance, did you guys know that Pineapple Trees grow roots? No? Well they do now!

    That’s right, splicing unspliceable seeds over that lovely, rich, fertile soil will not only create those once-a-year Pineapple Trees that we know and love but ALSO some totally harvestable roots! Now we all know what roots mean, right? Roots mean cuttings, and these are no different! Of course, because Pineapple Trees can only grow through Super Pineapple Party week and because the weather is just right this time of year, those roots will mature extra quick, so no waiting around for a chance of those root cuttings!

    This year, the Super Pineapple Party Crate could be filled with even more surprise than ever before and is sure to get your Pineapple Party off to a great start.

    Finally (and it should go without saying by now), we’ve added loads of cool new items throughout the event this year, so it’s definitely worth splicing and getting those juicy pineapples!

    Can we beat last year’s incredibly high total amount of Pineapples consumed throughout the event? Well that’s down to you Growtopians out there!

    For all those super awesome Doctors and Legends and players with various titles out there, we've also added the ability to control what title you use or to turn them off if you so desire from the options menu .

    Stay safe, everyone, and let’s get this SUPER PINEAPPLE PARTY STARTED!