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PVP Superpower Card Battles + Dev Diary

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  • PVP Superpower Card Battles + Dev Diary

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    Hey Growtopians,

    Ready to fight your foes?! We've just released the new PVP Card Battle! Prepare your cards to beat other players and earn some gems!

    If you want to know more, read ThePsyborg's Dev Diary below! And as usual, do write down your thoughts on the PVP Card Battle in this thread

    So get your sportsmanship spirit on and let the battles begin

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    [Dev Diary] PVP Superpower Card Battles

    Hey Growtopians,

    I hope everyone out there is awesome and staying safe!

    Another post from me can only mean one thing, that’s right, another awesome update!!

    So, what could possibly be better than battling cards with super evil villains? You guessed it, unleashing a volley of Superpower cards against other players!! Be them friend (or foe) this major update to our card battle game will allow you to battle against one another to the bitter end… well until one of you runs out of health anyway!

    Getting into a card battle is easy, simply wrench your worthy opponent and invite them to battle, if they’ve got the cards required and are ready then it’s on! Select your decks and get straight into the action! The rules are the same as fighting villains; so, you can get started right away.

    Winning matches will reward you with GEMS and XP and also one of your opponent’s CARDS!!! That’s right, we are playing for keeps and the stakes are high! If you lose, then you lose ALL the cards in the deck you just played, ouch!! So, have a game plan, outsmart your opponent and reap those sweet rewards!!

    As you chalk up the victories and the gems and xp come rolling in, you’ll level up. As you do, you’ll have to renew your battle license to keep fighting for better and better rewards. The higher the level the higher the reward, then those gems really will add up!

    Now, I’m sure none of you lot would do it, but trolling will get you nowhere. No gems. No rewards. No xp, Nothing! So, make sure you play fair and have fun!

    While it might be hard for some of us to get together in real life; we hope this card battle update will bring you together in game!

    So, lets get ready to BATTLE!