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[YouTube Contest] 100K Subscribers Milestone Giveaway

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  • [YouTube Contest] 100K Subscribers Milestone Giveaway

    Hey Growtopians,

    Our official Growtopia YouTube Channel reached another milestone! And as promised, we'll be doing a giveaway to celebrate the 100K Subscriber Milestone with everyone in the community! Here's how you can join!

    Rules and Conditions
    • Anyone with an active Growtopia Game Account can enter.
    • Must have Advanced Account Protection enabled in their account.
    • Only accounts without any infractions in the game (except auto bans and lifted infractions) within the past 3 years from the day of the giveaway announcement
    • Participant must be subscribed to our YouTube channel at the time of the giveaway in order to enter.

    • Comment your "cool video idea/suggestion for our upcoming videos" in the comment section of this video. Don't forget to include your GROWID and WORLD name.
    • The participant also needs to state a “cool video idea for one of our next Youtube videos”
    • There will be 90 lucky draw winners
    • We will then select the top 10 best video suggestions.
    • Winners will be announced in the forum and in our next YouTube video
    • Prizes will then be inserted the winners' accounts a few days after the announcement of winners.


    We'll be picking 100 winners this time around!
    1st to 3rd Place
    • Golden 100k Plaque
    • Nightmare Teeny Devil Wings

    4th to 6th Place
    • Golden 100k Plaque
    • Golden Apple + Public Lava

    7th to 10th Place
    • Golden 100k Plaque
    • Mjolnir

    11th to 100th Place: 90 winners
    • Silver 100k Plaque
    • 10 Growtokens

    Contest Announcement: June 25th, 2020 - 10 am GT
    Entry Period: June 25th to July 2nd, 2020 - 10 am GT
    Winner Announcement: July 15th, 2020 - 10 am GT

    Read the Terms and Conditions here.

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    [Update] Announcement of Winners Shall Be Moved

    Hello Growtopians,

    Due to the recent incident, we have to move the announcement of winners to a later date to allow us to focus on the addressing the issues at hand. And we don't think now is a good time to celebrate yet.

    Therefore, the winners will be announced on July, 15, 2020.

    Thank you and hoping for your patience regarding this matter.

    ~ NekoRei


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      After much deliberation, we finally have the winners for the 100k Subscriber Milestone Giveaway Contest!

      90 WINNERS

      11th to 100th Place: Silver 100k Plaque + 10 Growtokens

      GrowID: TOEC
      GrowID: Tidatya
      GrowID: thevoltrest
      GrowID: Hotdognstalk
      GrowID: NecroE
      GrowID: GenDsGT
      GrowID: 394
      GrowID: Mesutz
      GrowID: UPSORO
      GrowID: Jaruine
      GrowID: siovenia
      GrowID: Momentum
      GrowID: belomcebucks
      GrowID: favoredsun
      GrowID: Prettypritty
      GrowID: GFlexer
      GrowID: jtte
      GrowID: BeVenom
      GrowID: Moisturizers
      GrowID: Torrba
      GrowID: CowokGanz
      GrowID: bananabigo
      GrowID: mrdet
      GrowID: Rimuoi
      GrowID: VorTxs
      GrowID: Graccce
      GrowID: Bailar
      GrowID: DHAPO
      GrowID: Mrjames29
      GrowID: toufikd
      GrowID: GrimJZ
      GrowID: JongTheghost
      GrowID: Fhrzi
      GrowID: Alnu
      GrowID: Vamro
      GrowID: UrLoli
      GrowID: uR7
      GrowID: CoreID
      GrowID: xAsad2017x
      GrowID: RizkiPly301
      GrowID: Farhan1907
      GrowID: zupsik
      GrowID: Evan1538
      GrowID: Vannhav
      GrowID: Saykind
      GrowID: omar1230094
      GrowID: Smebbygt
      GrowID: IbEr
      GrowID: Agsunhwan
      GrowID: Lawlees
      GrowID: AquariosPw
      GrowID: Axoom
      GrowID: ALNOURY
      GrowID: Lagbull
      GrowID: AuroraRick
      GrowID: KoCoRo
      GrowID: Kozmod
      GrowID: yezoosak
      GrowID: GrowForLt
      GrowID: SharpKnight
      GrowID: VGrev
      GrowID: Lilfries1
      GrowID: f1ch
      GrowID: Bakerdanny
      GrowID: Senopy
      GrowID: Zanks
      GrowID: Ghostsabber
      GrowID: ZEDQE
      GrowID: TEXED
      GrowID: Oxichi
      GrowID: iyzan
      GrowID: Severed
      GrowID: 0588
      GrowID: Juou
      GrowID: Pyhs
      GrowID: Luminist
      GrowID: SuperRapier
      GrowID: FalseContent
      GrowID: Jaguar
      GrowID: vMalook
      GrowID: sewelash1
      GrowID: INAAWAY
      GrowID: TheFrail
      GrowID: Qualdean
      GrowID: profitharo
      GrowID: PositivityGt
      GrowID: MEROYS
      GrowID: HeatOnFeet
      GrowID: KediPezio
      GrowID: NKLX

      TOP 10 WINNERS

      1st to 3rd Place: Golden 100k Plaque + Nightmare Teeny Devil Wings

      1st: XBRUTAL
      The battle between mods. Example challenging other mods to do parkour or any PVP stuffs in growtopia. The more mods are in the video the merrier!

      2nd: Kheft
      I think more tutorials would be helpful, Crime fighting, starship, surgery etc. Love the troll videos so more of them too. You could even do a weekly QnA that involves the community sending in questions about growtopia, youtselves (ubisoft) or random ones. and last one maybe a myth busters? where we send in myths and you go about seeing if they're true or not?

      3rd: Slowfisher
      Host a hunger games match: block the white door and a few blocks around it with a big lock, then let players out if the spawn and make the world public leaving the big lock area only locked area. Then close the spawn and let players fight in the public world until there is only 1 player left is the winner.

      4th to 6th Place: Golden 100k Plaque + Golden Apple + Public Lava

      4th: 2ego
      I'm not sure if you do remember, but if you do, you must know how much obsessed I am with WOTDs and things regarding them, so of course, my suggestion will connect to them as well.. Phonecats years ago used to record WOTDs and by doing that, a lot of people went to them and in general, they got exposure and attention. Mods are already sbing in them pretty frequently, but what if you made an entire video on them once in a while? What about reviewing the last 10 WOTDs or so and telling people what they did right/wrong; that could shine some light on creating and allow people to build things they priorly could never. Sure NekoRei would have to undergo special parkour training in order to do that, but it could be worth it - it could encourage not only playing, but also building them. I also think building contests could be good - NekoRei capriciously sbing and gathering like thirty participants to build and win a prize. If done with commentary, I would watch for sure. That's all from me. Good luck to everyone. My ID is and my world name is "superip" (or InfiniteLoop for where I spend most my time).

      5th DrJEBOL:
      Make a tournament pet battles and card battles with growtopian

      6th: Apevu
      My Suggestion is Make Film and Acting with other Growtopians or Moderators (example title : "Life of Farmer" etc.)

      7th to 10th Place: Golden 100k Plaque + Mjolnir

      7th: SeoYo
      Teaching A new player and buy em some clothes or go to random world then suprise them you comming sry if bad idea

      8th: Aw123Rocks
      Do a treasure hunt game and give clues to the secret worlds with prizes etc. Or do a mod introduction as I believe not many people know what mods do.

      9th: Ernestppgng
      Do a growtopia challenge with youtubers

      10th: DataCell
      Fun facts and not-so-known tips and tricks in Growtopia"", ""Spotlight for powerful items that not many people know about"", ""Ubisoft office tour"", ""Banning casino worlds (ft. all Growtopia moderators)"", ""Sneak peak behind the scenes (development team)"", ""Duct-taping players then giving them free duct tapes"", ""Last to ... wins ...""

      Your prizes will be inserted into your accounts in the next few days!

      --- UPDATE ---

      Since 2 of the Top 10 Winners (DrJEBOL and 2ego) were included in the 90 winners, we randomly picked 2 more players to replace them in the 11th to 100 place:
      GrowID: KediPezio
      GrowID: NKLX