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July 1st Server Issues and Maintenance Compensation

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  • July 1st Server Issues and Maintenance Compensation

    Hello Growtopians,

    I would like to explain the current issues we are experiencing over the last hours with the game servers.

    Last night, after a server crash, the servers unfortunately did not automatically restart as they would usually. While we started working on fixing the issue as soon as we could, to bring back the servers as soon as possible, we missed updating you on the forums and social media as no one from the Community Team was available during the beginning of this incident. We are sorry that this caused a lot of distress, moving forward we will aim to address these kind of issues faster.

    After this issue was addressed, we wanted to release the new IOTM and Subscriber Item in the July Update, including some new code, enabling us to be able to add some really cool features in the near future. Unfortunately, this code caused an issue, that leads to players potentially losing game progress. We immediately decided to put the servers into maintenance mode again because of it to avoid anymore issues.

    As of now, we were able to identify and resolve the issue, but the game progress would still be lost. In the past hours we tried to find a solution without losing too much progress.

    Initially we wanted to restore the game to the point exactly before we release the July Update, which would have been a loss of approximately 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this turned out to be not possible and that is why we had to prolong the current maintenance even further.

    We have made the difficult decision to perform a rollback and reset the game and all account progress to June 30th, 3 PM GT Time.

    Please be assured, we've been working hard to make sure that all in-app purchases will be delivered, though they may be a bit delayed after the servers are available again. As a gesture of goodwill and in order to help you catch up on the progress lost, we are starting an Apology Day as soon as the servers are back up;
    • The amount of gems purchased during the rollback period, starting June 30th, 3 PM GT Time, will be doubled
    • Chance for up to Double Gem Drop while smashing blocks for the next 48 hours
    • In-app purchases will give 25% more gems in the next 24 hours
    • A new Rollback Plaque VI will be available for free in the game for a limited time.

    Right now, we aim to open the servers up again today around 1 PM GT time, but we will keep you posted on the progress. In order to not miss out on any server status updates, please follow the official Twitter account:

    ~ The Growtopia Team