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  • SummerFest 2020

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Here comes the sun and SummerFest has begun!

    Don't get tide down inside! Gather your buddies and seas the week! It's time to relish all the fireworks and other cool Summerific rewards!

    And of course we're eager to know what you think about this year's event so share your feedback here.

    ~ NekoRei

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    [Dev Diary] SummerFest is here!

    Hey Growtopians,

    How is everyone out there? Staying safe, I hope?

    While we might not all be able to have the sort of summer we were hoping for… rest assured Growtopia has you covered with SummerFest 2020!!

    So, grab your shorts, t-shirts and sun cream (and jumpers for those in the southern hemisphere) and get ready to launch those fireworks, celebrate, hang out with friends and find those illusive Phoenix Items!

    Speaking of Phoenix Items…We are giving you an extra chance to grab them this year! Smashing 20 Summer Surprises will give you the extra special Super Summer Surprise!!! Now, I can’t tell you exactly what is in there, but I can say there is an extra chance to grab some Super Fireworks and you’ll certainly have chance of getting one of those Phoenix Items as well!

    But what’s that you say? More awesome things in the Super Summer Surprise? Well, YES!! This year we are saying a big Hello to the all-new NEPTUNE ITEM series! The ruler of the sea’s has risen again, and he’s loving summer so much he has found his way into Summer Fest 2020! This year, his legendary Trident will be available and just like those Phoenix items we all love, these are strictly limited to 500 ever! Some say that this Trident is so legendary it might even be able to help you in a certain quest, but I can’t say more than that, Neptune has sworn me to secrecy!

    As well as cool new items in Summer Surprise, Super Summer Surprise and Super Fireworks we have also hidden loads of cool items around Growtopia for you to find.

    So while we might not be able to do all the summer things we usually do and we might have to stay indoors more than we’d like; we really hope that you’ll enjoy Summer Fest 2020 with your friends, old and new.

    Now I’m off for a cool drink with lots of ice!