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July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

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  • July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

    Hello Growtopians,

    After seeing your reports on the duplication issue that surfaced on July 3rd, we immediately resolved the duplication issue and investigated the next steps. We have decided to put the server into maintenance and retrieve the items as much as we can. However, we found that the damage caused to the game economy might be too big, even if we remove most of the duplicated items, as a lot of them were already traded.

    This is why we decided to perform a rollback for 24 hours. This means, that unfortunately all progress made within 24h will be lost. However, this also means that if you traded items that were duplicated you will not lose what you traded in, when we retrieve the duplicated items.

    Furthermore, until the duplicated items are removed, we are going to make some items untradeable and once dropped cannot be picked up and will recycle for 0 gems:
    • Blue Gem Lock
    • Phoenix Wings
    • Ultra Trophy 3000
    • Magplant 5000
    • Heart of Gaia
    • Unstable Tesseract
    • Tesseract Manipulator
    • Giant Eye Head
    • Horns of Infinity
    • Phoenix Pacifier
    • Doodad
    • Nightmare Devil Wings
    • Da Vinci Wings

    Additionally, the following Locks will be unusable (cannot be broken down, used in telephone, vending machine, etc.) and will recycle for 0 gems:
    • Blue Gem Lock
    • Diamond Lock

    We are going to revert these changes after everything is cleaned up. Right now we yet cannot tell when this will be, but we will try to proceed with retrieving the duplicated items as soon as possible and will keep you updated on this post.

    Since Summerfest is currently ongoing we're going to extend the event by one day. Unfortunately, we cannot run an Apology Day the same time as Summerfest, hence we will perform the Apology Day when Summerfest ends for 24 hours. We also will create a Rollback Plaque VII, that will be available during Apology Day.

    Please note that due to Rollback, all Summerfest progress so far will also be lost. However, you will receive all purchases you made during the timeframe and the Gem amount will be doubled like with any other rollback.

    We hope you understand that this is the best option to make sure the game economy takes no further damage. We are sorry for the progress that has to be lost, but we think this is the right path to take, losing the last 24 hours is hurtful, but loosing items due to the duplication issue is even more severe in the long run.

    Please reach out to the Customer Support Team if you have any questions and need further support. However, we would like to ask you to remain patient until the servers are back up. For further updates on the server status, please follow the official Growtopia Twitter account:

    We're sorry that this happened, and we promise you, we will make sure to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    ~ The Growtopia Team

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    [Update I] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

    Hello Growtopians,

    The recent incident was indeed devastating to everyone and we're doing our very best to get things back on track whilst avoiding damage to the economy.

    Due to insistent public demand, the team has decided to extend the Summer Fest for more than one day. However, the amount of days will be announced later on.

    As for the release of the DLs, we'll be making it tradeable as soon as possible, hopefully within 1 day. But the BGLs will take longer before we could release for public use.

    ~ NekoRei


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      [Update II] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

      Hello Growtopians,

      I would like to shed some light on the current situation once again, where we stand and what the next steps will be.

      But first, I would like to thank everyone for your patience and especially for your kind words of encouragement. The team has been working non-stop on identifying, locating and cleaning up the duplicated items, and we will do so for the foreseeable future, until the issue is resolved.

      Diamond Locks

      We know that many of you asked when the Diamond Locks will be available again. Now, why did we make them untradeable in the first place? As you may know we made some items that were definitely impacted by the duplication incident untradeable.

      First, a lot of Blue Gem Locks were duplicated and as you also may know, BGLs can be compacted into Diamond Locks. So even if we lock BGLs, the compacted DLs would be still in the game.

      And then, there is always a possibility that some high value items were duplicated, that we did not catch and did not make untradeable.

      We are going to make DLs tradable when (1) we've removed most, if not all, duplicated DLs and (2) make sure that no duplicated item remains in the game that is not trade-locked. The current target is to make them available again as soon as possible.

      Rollback VII Duplicated Items

      We also heard about stories of duplicated items after the Rollback VII and yes, we are aware of this as well. However, the impact of these accidentally duplicated items is less severe than the duplicated items that were created intently. If you have received or traded a duplicated item after the Rollback, don't trade it, just leave it be.

      We already have a plan to also take care of these items after we are finished with the main bulk of the clean-up, however this has currently less priority. If you want to support this effort, please contact the Customer Support Team and tell them that these items were duplicated by accident and that you wish them to be removed.

      Summerfest & Compensation Event

      As mentioned before, we will be extending Summerfest by several days, to be precise, by the amount of days it took us to enable DLs again, so do not worry about the Summerfest being lost! The total amount of days will be communicated as soon as we have made Diamond Locks tradable again.

      After Summerfest we will be performing an Apology Week! But this will be no ordinary compensation event, we want to give everyone a chance to partake, but the exact details will be unveiled at a later point in time.


      Unfortunately, not all information was communicated precisely and as clear as it should have been. There were some comments made that were contradicting other announcements, and we would like to apologize for this as well. We are now taking more measures to make sure the communication to all of you is more transparent, clear and understandable.

      With all that in mind, we hope the situation is a bit easier to understand, or at least more than before

      We also want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support.

      We know it’s been tough weeks, we encountered issues on several topics in a row that tarnished your experience, and that’s the last thing we want. We’ll work hard to make it up to you and we will keep you posted in the coming days!

      ~ The Growtopia Team


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        [Update III] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

        Hello Growtopians,

        After today's maintenance Diamond Locks are tradable again!

        We're still working on receiving the duplicated items at this moment. After investigating the situation more, we identified additional items that might have been duplicated during this incident. We made the following items that were unfortunately also affected untradable, once dropped cannot be picked up and will recycle for 0 gems:
        Arm Blaster Armored WinterBot - Back Blue Gem Lock Crystal Aura
        Crystal Infused Sword Tea Basket Diamond Dragon Duct Tape
        Egg Champion Cape Emerald Lock Freeze Wand Giant Eye Head
        Golden Air Robinsons Golden Angel Wings Golden Diaper Golden Dragon Statue
        Growscan 9000 Heart of Gaia Horns Of Infinity MAGPLANT 5000
        Monster Truck Phoenix Crown Phoenix Hair Phoenix Pacifier
        Phoenix Sword Phoenix Wings Pineapple Plough Pineapple Robes
        Present Goblin Home Edition Rainbow Crystal Block Rayman's Fist Riding Phoenix
        Spring Event Guild Medal: Gold Spring Event Player Medal: Gold Summer Event Player Medal: Gold Techno-Organic Engine
        Tesseract Manipulator TK69's Mystical Etherboard Ultra Trophy 3000 Unstable Tesseract
        Weather Machine - Comet Weather Machine - Heatwave Weather Machine - Howling Sky Weather Machine - Meteor Shower
        Weather Machine - Pagoda Weather Machine - Spring WOTD Trophy 2020 Datemaster's Heart Locket
        The One Ring Ring Of Winds Ring Of Smithing Ring of Wisdom
        Legendary Katana Present Goblin: Home Edition Pet Sputnik Fire Wand
        Doodad Nightmare Devil Wings Da Vinci Wings Experience Potion
        Please note that if they are untradable it does not mean that these items were duplicated, we just locked all of them, so they can no longer circulate in the economy. This also means, if you acquired one of these items in a legit way, it will protect its value. We know that it will be annoying for the time being, but after the duplicated items are removed, we will of course make these items tradable again!

        We've also locked some items that were created, but should not have been in the game in the first place (for example Null Items) and these items will be removed in the near future as well.

        While the team is working hard, each day we make a lot of progress on this issue but unfortunately it will take a while. In the meanwhile we can now announce that Summerfest will be extended by 4 days and will end on July 14! Details for the Apology Week will be relieved at a later date!

        We would again thank everyone for their patience and your support and hope that you enjoy the Summerfest!

        ~ The Growtopia Team


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          [Update IV] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

          Hello Growtopians,

          We would like to provide you with another update about the duplication incident. At this point in time we cannot tell yet when all duplicated items will be removed. We would like to resolve this as soon as possible as we understand that many items need to be tradable again, but unfortunately the huge amount of items created makes this task very hard. We can ensure you the team is working as fast as they can on this.

          As you all know we locked some Rings related to Carnival, for example Ring Of Smithing. We planned Carnival for the upcoming weekend on the 17th of July and Clash happening the following weekend. Now, it will take us longer to retrieve the duplicated rings, so we cannot unlock them before Carnival starts. We could potentially switch Clash with Carnival, but then the time to prepare for Clash would be too short. This is why we decided that we are going to replace this month's Carnival with another Mutant Kitchen. We are sorry to di this, but right now this is the only option we have.

          But we also have good news - we've started Apology Week, so get back into the game and enjoy the many benefits!

          ~ The Growtopia Team


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            [Update V] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

            Hello Growtopians,

            With Apology Week ending we would like to take the chance and provide you with another update about the duplication incident situation. But first, we all hope that you enjoyed the past week!

            Status of Duplicated Items

            Many of you were wondering if we are already finished with removing the duplicated items and unfortunately we don't have a definitive date yet. However, we are making great progress. In the past days we have already removed more than 200,000 duplicated items and many more are to come!

            We understand that a lot of the untradable items have to be unlocked sooner than later, but with the amount of items duplicated, it is important to remove them before we can unlock the items again. If we unlocked them now, the removal of these items will take much, much longer, and we likely would not be able to retrieve as many duplicated items, so please bear with us.

            With locking items, we created some minor issues. For example the Doodad when purchased for Growtoken, will not immediately show up in your inventory, as we made it untradeable, thus blocking the shop "trading" you this item on a technical level. Please do not contact the Customer Support Team in this case, we found a solution and you will receive the item in your inventory within 24h.

            As you might now, we also had to disable Carnival as the rings (which some were duplicated) are part of this event. We cannot run Carnival without rings being unlocked again, but as soon as event will return, we will run two Carnivals in a month!

            Ticket Situation

            Due to the incident, many of you have reached out to the Customer Support Team, and rightfully so! We are investigating each case of lost items individually, which is causing a delay in the response time. Please do not push your ticket if there is no new information to add as rest assured, each inquiry will be looked at. It might take a while, but the team is working hard on all fronts to remove the duplicated items and to respond to your tickets!

            Unfortunately in rare cases we are unable to confirm if you actually lost a specific item. Without getting into the nitty-gritty technical details, the duplication incident and two rollbacks in a row can mess with the information that we have at hand during specific timeframes of these rollbacks. In these cases we cannot confirm the ownership or existence of an item. Unfortunately we also got many false claims which makes it very hard for the team to verify in these few cases if a claim is 100% legit, which is why we only can give you a Gem compensation as a way to say sorry.


            During Apology Week, we promised to distribute login reward as Growtokens, if you have been logging on each day a total of 15 tokens! We are currently verifying the eligible accounts and will start distributing the Growtokens within the next few days. But please bear with us, as it will take a while until they show up in your inventory.

            The past weeks have been a tough time, but we are more than grateful for your patience and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support.

            ~ The Growtopia Team


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              Hey Growtopians,

              As promised, we have started distributing the Growtokens that were to be given after Apology week! You will receive them within the next few hours if you have not received them already. Thank you for being so patient!

              ~ The Growtopia Team
              What's meant to be will always find a way!


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                [Update VI] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

                Hello Growtopians,

                As the work in the background continues, we're going to provide you with another update about the situation of the Duplication Incident today.

                Status of Duplicated Items

                In the past days the team was able to retract almost 400,000 duplicated items, and while we cannot yet exactly specify when we are done, we're moving faster than ever. By now we should have already removed the majority of items and as soon as we can unlock the untradable items again, we will let you know.

                PVP Card Battle and the New Feature

                As you might know, we disabled PVP Card Battle earlier in June and the intent was to make it available as soon as possible as we know that you are eagerly awaiting this feature. Due to Rollback VI and VII, the new release date for the PVP update has been moved again slightly as we have been focusing on the duplication issue as of now.

                We also teased a new and exciting feature with the July Update on the app store — to give you background, the content and teaser text was released as the duplication issue was happening. After thorough thought, we decided not to release this feature in July, in order to have as much manpower on solving the duplication incident.

                Forum Update and Player Appreciation Week

                In the past days we were able to distribute the workload on the several projects more evenly again which is why we will proceed with some planned updates, including a long awaited Forum Update tomorrow!

                As Player Appreciation Week is approaching fast however, it takes priority over other features, as we do not want to delay PAW in any way, and that is why we are currently not certain if we still can release either of the mentioned game features, PvP Card battle as well as the newly teased feature in August. Will will however update you in case we are able to release one of these features before or after PAW!


                Lastly, we've started distributing the Growtokens you were able to earn by logging into the game during Apology Week, but we ask for your patience as the distribution is still ongoing at this moment. You will receive them within 24 hours if your account is eligible.

                With all forces combined we will be back to normal soon and even better you can look forward to new exiting content in August and beyond!

                ~ The Growtopia Team


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                  [Update VII] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

                  Hello Growtopians,

                  As promised, we would like to give you another update the situation of the duplicated and locked items. We know that there is a high demand of frequent updates on this issue, but at this stage, after the investigation has concluded and the issue solved on the technical end, only the removal of item remains as status update.

                  The bad news first, we are not finished yet with the retrieval of items, and we’re working hard to get it done as soon as possible. The good news is we are aiming to remove the remaining duplicated items within a week from now, definitively before Player Appreciation Week. As soon as we retrieved the items, we will update you again and unlock all untradable items again.

                  ~ The Growtopia Team
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                    [Update VIII] July 3rd Duplication Issue and 24 Hour Rollback

                    Hello Growtopians,

                    With the release of PAW 2020 we also unlocked all untradeable items, as we previously promised. The list of items that were unlocked can be found here.

                    In total the team removed hundreds of thousands of items that should have never made their way into the game, and we are sorry that it took us so long, but we ask for your understanding that this was not an easy task to say the least.

                    That being said, the team and I hope you really enjoy PAW this year and the brand-new features and cool new items that are yet to be released in the next few days!

                    ~ The Growtopia Team