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  • Apology Week!

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    Hello Growtopians,

    In light of the recent Rollback VII we announced Apology Week to help everyone catch up on the progress lost. Starting today you will be able to get unique benefits for the duration 7 glorious days between July 14 and 20!

    One Week, Seven Boni

    You will gain the following benefits on all 7 days:
    • Lucky Mod active on all accounts (Chance of obtaining five times the amount of Gems from breaking blocks, does not stack with similar buffs)
    • Skill Spice Mod active on all accounts (-50% chance of getting a skill fail in Surgery or Startopia missions, does not stack with similar buffs)
    • Beer-Battered Fish And Chips Mod active an all accounts (5% larger fish caught, does stack with similar buffs)
    • 8% tree grow time reduction (Does stack with similar buffs)
    • 25% increased XP on all activities
    • 10% discount on all store items
    • 25% gem bonus on IAP

    One Event Each Day!
    • July 14 - Day 1: Ghost Day
    • July 15 - Day 2: Surgery Day
    • July 16 - Day 3: Locke The Traveling Salesman
    • July 17 - Day 4: Mutant Kitchen
    • July 18 - Day 5: Mutant Kitchen
    • July 19 - Day 6: Mutant Kitchen
    • July 20 - Day 7: Geiger Day

    Rollback Plaque VII

    Of course there will be a Rollback Plaque and number VII will be available on all 7 days!

    Free Growtokens

    And that's not all! We've decided to give everyone who is logging into the game free Growtokens! In total, you can earn up to a maximum of 15 Growtokens!
    • Log into the game on iOS, Android, PC or MacOS on one of the 7 Apology Days and get 5 Growtokens.
    • Log into the game on iOS, Android, PC or MacOS on all the 7 Apology Days and get 10 Growtokens.

    However, you need to fulfill the following requirements to be eligible:
    • Your account must be minimum level 10
    • Your account must have AAP active
    • Your account must be created before July 13, 2020

    Be aware! If your inventory is full or you already have 200 Growtokens in your inventory, make sure to use them up as you will not be able to receive your login reward! Also, all Growtoken will be added to your account after Apology Week has ended!

    Additionally, we are still celebrating the end of Summerfest and invite you to join our SummerFest Mod Party  today! So log in, claim your bonus and get the party started!

    And of course, behind the scenes we are still working hard to resolve the duplication incident. We will provide you an update on the status on the issue as soon as there is more information to share. But in the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the Apology Week! See you in the game, Growtopians!

    ~ The Growtopia Team