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  • Forum Upgrade!

    Hello Growtopians,

    We're excited to announce that we will be upgrading the Growtopia Forums to a newer and more shiny version today! With this upgrade, we will not only update the forum software, but also the theme of the forum itself, making it more modern and pleasant to look at!

    As you may know this forum has been in use for several years now, and we want to keep the (pretty large) database and all of your posts and private messages, which is why this is not an easy or quick task. In order to perform this migration to a newer version, we will enable maintenance on the forums, which means you will still be able to read all threads up to this date, but you will not be able to login and post anything during the maintenance.

    Right now we cannot exactly say how long this maintenance will last, but we will update you on Twitter on the status and will let you know once you can log back into your account and comment again! Please make sure to follow the official Growtopia Twitter account here to get the latest information on this matter:

    ~ The Growtopia Team