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Player Appreciation Week 2020

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  • Player Appreciation Week 2020

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    Hey Growtopians,

    Long awaited and finally here, Player Appreciation Week has begun! A week full of festivities, new items, and helpful features suggested by you, dedicated for our awesome players!

    For the next seven days, every day will bring something new and unique to the game! We will add new items and helpful features, while making tweaks and adjustments to existing systems.

    Last but not the least, on August 23rd, we will celebrate together, so book your time and come visit the Super Mod Dance Party, meet the Moderators and Guardians, and ... one secret guest might show up!?

    Make sure to check ThePsyborg's daily Dev Diary for more details below!

    ~ Kairos
    "Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you got to open your brain to the possibilities." - King Bumi.

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    PAW 2020 Day 1 – Dev Diary

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    Hello Growtopians everywhere!

    Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Oh yes, it’s Player Appreciation Week!

    This year, as always, your suggestions for items, features, and Quality of Life updates have not disappointed; the hardest part of our job is trying to fit all of these great ideas into one update! We think you’ll be pleased with PAW this year for sure. It’s been a weird year to say the least, yet as Growtopians, we have all pulled together and helped each other through, the sense of community is real and something we always want to give back to as much as we possibly can! This week is all about you, so let’s have a sneak peek of some PAW Day 1’s excitement.

    First things first, there’s a lot o’Axolotl coming your way! The community demanded and we delivered. Good luck in collecting all the items!

    What’s that, you say? Sorry I can’t hear you, let me turn down the theme music… yep we heard you over the thundering Growtopia theme and tweaked the volume back a little so you don’t wake your whole household when you log in for a late night session!

    Things have got a little easier when keeping track of your world locked worlds with “My worlds” straight from your wrench menu.

    For those who, maybe just sometimes, step a little out of line; you can now see the reason for your suspension upon logging in (only new sanctions from this day onward). So, if you have been temporarily banned, all the easier to take some time to reflect on it and come back fresh to enjoy the game once again after the sanction has run out.

    Our favorite part of PAW is always the rebalancing of the systems, you as a community know the game as well as us, so we always take your thoughts on board. There was a lot of talk regarding our old friend the Ring Master, so we’ve done a little tweaking there to make things, well, more balanced!

    There’s lots more today and in the days to come, so have fun seeing what you guys have suggested in game! Anyway Growtopians, that’s quite enough from me until tomorrow, so please enjoy Day 1 of Player Appreciation Week! While you’re doing that, rest assured we’ll be setting up Day 2 for you!

    ~ ThePsyborg
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      PAW 2020 Day 2 – Dev Diary

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      Hey Growtopians!

      Player Appreciation Week Day 1 certainly went by quickly; we hope you’ve been enjoying everything so far. So, what does Day 2 have in store for Growtopia and you awesome Growtopians? Well, let me tell you!

      Day 2 of PAW is all about patching things up! Fixing the unfixed! Squishing those bugs! Believe me when I say we’ve been all over the trillions of systems in Growtopia to address some things which have been “bugging” you guys! We’ve had the bug spray on Dangerous Pineapple Magic, Titles, Doomstaff, Ovens and more besides! It’s been a mission, but it’s done! Just after the bug spray was safely stored away we got the scales out and got balancing based on your suggestions, so make sure to check some Elegant tools and Train-E’s to see that in action! Oh, Pandemic has been on the scales as well, how could I forget, maybe the zombies are getting to me!

      You might want to jot down your findings on how cool the balance is in the all new Personal Notebook! A handy little tool for when you don’t have a pen to hand and need to jot something down to remember later! Keeping the chat window clean is easier now, as you can add or remove timestamps as you wish.

      If you love sweatshirts but prefer to wear them around your waist, then you’re going to love some of the new items today!

      With that being said, we hope you enjoy Player Appreciation Week Day 2!

      ~ ThePsyborg
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        PAW 2020 Day 3 – Dev Diary

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        Hello Growtopians!

        Hope everyone is doing great! It’s PAW Day 3 already and today is all about… Friendship Ahoy!! Get it? FriendSHIP Ahoy! Sorry, couldn’t resist! I’ve seen the name of this day for months and only just got the pun, so sorry if I’ve spoiled it for you!

        Anyway, shipmates! Today is about making it even easier to make, manage and interact with Friends in Growtopia! Where to start?

        We’ve made it super simple to curate your friendslist with the “edit friends” function. Here you can perform an action on multiple friends at once. Want to remove those who you are not so friendly with anymore? Mute those annoying friends who can’t stop talking? Even temporarily block trading? Now you can, either individually or in one go! It’s now super simple to keep up with the friends who matter most.

        As well as all that awesomeness, we’ve made communication within your Guild easier than ever, so make sure you check out the Guild Inbox to keep in the loop with all the news in your Guild.

        We’ve added some new cool items on the Growtoken store as well, so now is the perfect opportunity to put those tokens to good use.

        As always there're loads more things to discover to fire up those phones, power the PC and get playing!

        That’s enough from me, until tomorrow!

        ~ ThePsyborg


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          PAW 2020 Day 4 – Dev Diary

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Grow_PlayerApprecation_Banner_20_v1.0_D4.png Views:	7 Size:	253.4 KB ID:	6877304

          Hello Growtopians,

          The Psyborg here! It’s PAW Day 4! Can you believe we are just over halfway through Player Appreciation Week? We hope you are having as much fun with the updates as we are in releasing them to you!

          Today is all about PAWlish! Giving everything a good ol’ shine up! Including some tweaks and balances across a tonne of systems! I’m not allowed to say too much, but a little birdy tells me that balloons are filling faster and baskets are now much stronger, not sure what that means though but I know it’s only a teeny tiny bit of what’s been done.

          One thing I can for sure tell you about, which will please PC users, is that Keybinding is in! Yep you heard me correctly! Now up arrow can mean down, Num Lock can be punch… however you want it set up, you can from now on! I’d like to see how crazy you get with your layouts so make sure to post them on the forums for us to see. Don’t worry Mac users, we haven’t forgotten about you, key binds for Mac will be available in the coming weeks so keep an eye on the news!

          Some great new items today as well, including some PAW-esome wings! We are spoiling you with these, but make the most of them as they will only be around through PAW. Its worth picking them up while you can!

          Anyway! I need to get ready for Day 5, so I’ll see you then!

          ~ The Psyborg


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            PAW 2020 Day 5 – Dev Diary

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Name:	Grow_PlayerApprecation_Banner_20_v1.0_D5.png
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            Hey Growtopians!

            Happy Fri-yay and happy PAW Day 5! It’s almost weekend and the updates keep coming!

            Today is all about new awesome items and some equally awesome ways to show them off! I would be TROLLING if I didn’t talk about the OMG new Mannequins, it would be SAD if you didn’t know about the new expressions, but I’m not allowed to say, LOL.

            As well as the mystery new mannequins, all mannequins have had some new functionality added. How does being able to remove an individual item instead of all of them at once sound? It will make customizing those sweet looks all the easier.

            Besides some quality of life upgrades to the Donation Box and Vending Machines we’ve added new items including the much-demanded Creepy Baby Gate! It’s like a Dragon Gate but so, so much weirder! You guys have the strangest ideas sometimes, love it!

            Make sure to check out the store as well for a cool new weather machine concept!

            And that's it for me today, but as always there's more to mention than there is time, so go check out PAW Day 5 in-game! See you tomorrow!

            ~ ThePsyborg


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              PAW 2020 Day 6 – Dev Diary

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Grow_PlayerApprecation_Banner_20_v1.0_D6.png Views:	7 Size:	252.3 KB ID:	6877309

              Hello, hello, hello Growtopians!

              It’s Saturday and Player Appreciation Week Day 6, so what better way to spend your weekend than playing with your pets and doing some shopping... in Growtopia of course!

              We’ve spent some time on our store, getting everything just right. We’ve increased the amount of gems in the gem packs to give them greater value and sorted those Rare Seed Packs out as well!

              When you’ve shopped ‘till you’ve dropped we have also released some new pets into the game including one you can ride. This will be an adventure finding, that I can tell you! If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all those socks that get lost in the washing machine? Well, they might just end up in Growtopia and start to follow you around but of course I couldn’t possibly tell you where to look for them! So, just like those socks in real life; you’ll have to find them.

              Finally, for today, we added new world categories! If your worlds never fitted into a category that felt quite right, well after today hopefully you’ll find a nice home for them in the new categories.

              And that's not all! How does a store sale sound like? PAWtastic, we got you covered! Get 20% off on secondary store items and packs, plus an additional 5% off on all Growtoken items!

              PAW Day 7 is a big one and I need to get that started, so I’ll say bye for now! Hope you’re enjoying PAW as much as we are. Until tomorrow!

              ~ ThePsyborg


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                PAW 2020 Day 7 – Dev Diary

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Name:	Grow_PlayerApprecation_Banner_20_v1.0_D7.png
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                Hellllllllloooooooo Growtopians!

                It’s finally upon us, can you believe it, the last day of Player Appreciation Week 2020! But don’t be sad as PAW Day 7 is huge! Packed with so many items, it would take me forever to tell you about all of them. All I can say, you’ll be able to create some cool new looks with all the new facial features and hairstyles that have been added throughout the game!

                However, If you’re having a bad hair day and want to hide behind a mask, then we have you more than covered (literally)! Wear some Growmojis and look all sorts of sick, wow, lol and cool but not at the same time of course, that would be weird… and impossible as well!

                So, as well as loads of new facial features, hair and masks we have MOAR! New Growmojis to be unlocked? Check! /SMH command for when only shaking your head will do? Check! More transmutable items? Check!

                The time has come, all good things must come to an end, and we have reached that point sadly! We have had so much fun delivering these daily updates to you. All the things we added are extra special to us because they are your ideas, concepts, fixes, balances, items, everything. It reminds each one of us here how special our community is (as if we could ever forget anyway)!

                One last thing, make sure to join the Super Mod Dance Party throughout the day and meet the Moderators and Guardians ... and a special guest?! But this is all for this year – as they say in those old cartoons, “that’s all folks”!

                From ThePsyborg and the whole team, we hope you enjoyed PAW 2020! Stay safe, and we’ll see you again super soon!