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September 2020 - Changelog and Fixes

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  • September 2020 - Changelog and Fixes

    Hey everyone,

    Starting today we will provide a list of changelogs and fixes in order to provide more visibility on the development process. We will keep updating this list day over day as we make changes to the game! Please note, the list would not focus on newly released of items, features nor annual events, but is centered around resolving issues.

    September 2020

    • Content
      • Startopia: Vile Vial drop fix
    • Items
      • Bug fix for being able to add seeds in Unstable Tesseract. Once owner removes the seed, he will not be able to add it back again.
    • Windows 3.42
      • Pressing Esc on world selection screen will take you back to login screen.
      • Fix for random crashes on entering world.
      • Fix for crashes on hot key selection menu.
    • Android 3.42
      • Fix for cannot enter the game on Android R.
    • Feature fixes - Age
      • Resolved an issue where some players above the age of 13 were unable to use Birth Certificates.
      • Player's age will now change and update with time, accordingly based on the days registered. Features which were blocked for users below the age of 13 will be become available upon aging.
    • Feature fixes - Age
      • On first login of the day (after 00:00 GT time) Player's age will change and update with time, accordingly based on the days registered + age entered by the user initially.
    • Server Optimization - Ongoing
      • Optimized server code to improve lags experienced by certain busy worlds like BUYFISH , BUYBAIT etc.
      • The optimization is not world specific and should help all the busy worlds.
      • Please keep sharing issues you experience with Lag's or Disconnects and we will keep improving them step by step.
      • There is no silver bullet to solve this problem but more of a Step Oriented approach to make things better day by day.
    • Auto Ban Glitch - Fix
      • Fixed an auto ban glitch which was banning some players when entering a world. All the impacted players were already unbanned.

    • Feature fixes - Startopia
      • [Resolved] Legendary map - decyphered was not getting consumed when giving points
    • Server Optimization - Ongoing
      • Optimization on growmoji data transfer and memory optimizations.
      • Optimizations of player data transfer
      • When a player leaves the world, the player's speech bubble is no longer preset and the message only shown in chat now.

    • Feature Rebalance - Roots
      • Players have to do one less cycle now to claim gems.
      • Health value (aka Hits) of these blocks changed to adjust player efforts
        • Jungle Temple Pillar
        • Bamboo Background
        • Bamboo Platform
        • Bamboo Ladder
        • Bamboo Spikes
        • Lattice Fence
        • Growtopian-Eating Looming Plant
        • Monkshood
      • Gems drop were re-balanced and adjusted, keeping in mind the cycles and efforts have been reduced.
        • Please share your feedback and observations!
    • [Resolved] Teleportation Glitch
      • Caused by kicking someone and pulling in any entrance

    • Game Client Version 3.43
      • [Resolved] IPad OS 14 issue.
      • [Resolved] Card Battle particles are visible to other players while the players battling get disconnected during the battle.

    • Fixes and Optimization
      • [Resolved] Crash happening due to reward claim, during Clash Event. It had nothing to do with server capacity.
      • [Optimization] Pushed changes for the issue that some players were experiencing, while switching worlds on Day 1 of Harvest.

    • [Resolved] Global community progress stuck at 0% after the restart. Updated it to the right value and should be working as intended.

    • [Resolved] Global community progress resets to 0% at 00:00 hrs GT time.
    • [Resolved] Payment issues experienced on IOS 14 and Ipad OS 14.
    • [Resolved] Unable to login after making a purchase on IOS 14 and Ipad OS 14.
    • [Resolved] Server crash fix that occurred today.


    ~ UbiDev