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October 2020 - Changelog and Fixes

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  • October 2020 - Changelog and Fixes

    Hey everyone,

    October is just around the corner. Here are the change logs for the month

    October 2020

    Version 3.44

    Bugs fixed
    • [Resolved] The "All" chat tab is displayed by default on entering a world.
    • [Resolved] Two trading windows are displayed at the same time on the player's screen.
    • [Resolved] The Trade UI is displayed on the player's screen after cancelling trades with two players.
    • [Resolved] Water Bucket can be used to build/break water blocks irrespective of Builder's Lock settings.
    • [Resolved] The punch particles go beyond the hit point when punching with the "Doomsday Warhammer" item equipped.
    • [Resolved] The idle animation of the "Punch Hair Male/Female" item plays on re-equipping the item after 5 seconds.
    • [Resolved] The state of the "Punch Hair Female/Male" item when unequipped is retained when the item is equipped.
    • [Resolved] The Raptor Legs item is rendered over bike items when equipped.
    Feature Improvement - Chat & Inventory pull tab sizes
    • Further improvements done for the Chat and Inventory pull tab sizes based on the device resolution.
    Feature Improvement - Friend List
    • Added pagination on online friend list (will be available with server update)
    • [Resolved] Friend list does not render names when list is greater than 250 friends.
    Feature Improvement - Crash on world exit in tutorial
    • Optimization done to reduce the crashes still WIP and more to come in November.


    ~ UbiDev

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    Version 3.45
    • [Resolved] Client fix for a rare crash with October's IOTM.


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      Feature Rebalance - Roots
      • Bountiful Growtopian-Eating Looming plant - heath changed from 6 to 5 hits.
      • Bountiful Lattice Fence - health changed from 5 to 4 hits.

      Feature Rebalance - PVP Card Battle
      • Superpower-Defeated mod time changed to 5 minutes.
      Bug Fixes
      • [Resolved] Bug fix for the server crash that happened today.


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        Bug Fixes
        • [Resolved] DRAW outcome fixes for PVP card battle, when DRAW happens in less than 5 turns.
        • [Resolved] Bug fix for the server crash that happened today.


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          Bug Fixes
          • [Resolved] Bug related to personal note.


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            Bug Fixes
            • [Resolved] Bug related to loading news on iPhone, which was causing a client crash.
            • [Resolved] Spooky Display shelf should not drop seeds.

            Feature update - Dark King's Offering
            • Added a broadcast for some of the rare drops from Dark King's offering.


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              Balance update - TOMB OF GROWGANOTH
              • Ultimate Corruption reward rebalance
                • Dark tickets would not be dropped along with the other blocks (Bone Checkpoint , Bone Platform and Spooky Bunting)
                • 2 Dark tickets added as a separate reward drop from Ultimate corruption reward drop.


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                Bug Fixes
                • [Resolved] Negative amount of community corrupted souls being broadcast in system messages.