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Halloween Week 2020

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  • Halloween Week 2020

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Ready for some trick or treating? It’s that spooktacular week of the year, where we dance with devil wings and have a fangtastic time.

    Decipher the mysteries that the Dev Diary holds about this week below.

    As always, share your thoughts here. Happy Boo-ing!

    ~ Hufflewitz
    What's meant to be will always find a way!

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    [Dev Diary] Halloween Week 2020

    Hey Growtopians,

    Do you sense an eerie feeling in the air at the moment? Does every bump in the night sound louder and more spooky? Are you feeling the need to carve a scary face onto a large orange colored vegetable? If so, then that can only mean one thing… It’s HALLOWEEN!

    That’s right, the spooky season is upon us once again! Growganoth, The Dark One, has risen again, and he’s got an insatiable hunger for sacrifices, perhaps even more so than last year. As always, he wants to consume your soul… and of course your items as well! This year he’s as ready as ever to reward your sacrifices, take your items and “make them spooky” and even challenge you to some nightmarish Parkour all in the name of good fun.

    For those of you extra daring, this year, you can create the brand-new Dark King’s Offering! This darkest of dark offerings will garner you a favor with the Dark One in a big way! He’ll be exchanging these menacing offerings for the ultimate of rewards, a chance to get any new and existing dark conversion item… that’s right you heard me correctly, any conversion item!Let me riddle this to you in case you can’t quite remember all the awesome items you can get! To a Devil, all that glitters isn’t always Gold; sometimes it’s a Nightmare! For a reaper, items of love, need chopping! How are these hints at some top-level items you can get for sacrificing the Dark King’s Offering going?

    Don’t worry all of these conversion items will have their value maintained, so you don’t have that to fear... only Growganoth himself!

    Not forgetting the Parkour, Growganoth is feeling extra generous this Halloween week, so, he’s now accepting sacrifices of Dark Tickets! All those Tomb of Growganoth prizes could be yours from the Dark One directly! Of course, if you want to put your skills to the test (and Growganoth is keen on this) you still can, better skills mean better prizes after all, nothing has changed there!

    The Gift of Growganoth pack in the store has also been spooked-up and like the normal Halloween items it now gives you the chance to get all the components needed for the Dark King’s Offering from one place, including the rarest component of all, the Spooky Gift.

    There are a ton of new themed items this year for you to find all over the game as well as in the usual Growganoth places. We hope you have as much fun with them as we did in making them! So that’s all from me for now, until next time!

    ~ ThePsyborg