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  • Wildfire Awareness Event

    Hi, everyone!

    This month is something I've been very excited about for a while - my sponsorship item JackBowe's Koala on my personal account got released. This comes with an opportunity to promote something I'm passionate about, and also to engage with you guys on all platforms! I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Ubisoft for allowing this to happen.

    The purpose of the event is to promote a fantastic cause - to help educate and raise awareness for the wildfires that have happened this year, and to promote the rescue and restoration of the animals injured & the habitats and homes destroyed.

    In the devastating bush fires Australia witnessed earlier this year, it's estimated that the lives of over 3 billion animals were lost - which is absolutely heartbreaking. On top of this tragedy, this year California has also fell victim to raging wildfires as well - where over 3.7 million acres of land were burned. The homes of both animals and people were also destroyed. There are several local and international charities which you can donate to in order to help restore and rebuild, so if you can be sure to take a look into those!

    To learn more about the wildfires, you can inform yourself on your local government website(s). For Australia, you can read more here. For the United States, you can read more here.

    Throughout the course of the entirety of the rest of this month I'll be hosting a ton of games, events and giveaways in-game, on our Discord and on my social media all in an effort to promote this wonderful cause & spread awareness about the hardships. I've enlisted the help of many other mods, too, so you'll get to meet and interact with a bunch of super cool people & hopefully win some prizes along the way (these will be your only chances to adopt a koala outside of the usual obtainment method!).

    For more information on what will be happening in the respective platforms, check out these links:
    • Discord -
    • Instagram - & @growtopia!
    • In-game - look out for SBs and visit WILDFIRE for more info!
    I look forward to seeing you all in these various places - and I hope you take the time to read up about the issues and (if you can!) make a donation to any of your local charities surrounding the rescue and restoration of the homes and habitats lost in these tragedies.

    Remember that this is an awareness event - so share these details wherever you can with everyone you can! Let's spread the word & show the world what the Growtopia community can do.

    Contact me on Discord: Misthios#3697.

    Follow me on Instagram: