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Thanksgiving Week 2020

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  • Thanksgiving Week 2020

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    Hey Growtopians!

    Where are our Turkey lovers at? Time to gobble till you wobble cause it’s Thanksgiving week!

    We hope you all are excited to baste some Turkeys, but of course, you'll need to catch one first. To help you with your hunting escapades we have a special gift in store, the Turkey Sucker. Read the Dev Diary below to know more about it!

    Also, don't forget to share you feedback about Thanksgiving Week here. Happy feasting!

    ~ Hufflewitz
    What's meant to be will always find a way!

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    [Dev Diary] Thanksgiving Week

    Hey Growtopians,

    How is everyone? Hope you are all doing well?

    It’s come to that point in the year when we come together and give thanks for the awesome things we have, the family we love, the friends we couldn’t be without and when we STUFF OUR FACES with delicious food!! That’s right, Growtopians, it’s our annual Thanksgiving Event!

    This year, I can assure you, it’s more stuffed with awesome content and equally awesome items than a particularly well stuffed Turkey! This year really is the biggest and best Thanksgiving we have ever had! So, if you can draw yourselves away from the dinner table for long enough; here is what we have in store for you!

    Introducing… the Turkey Sucker! Never has Turkey hunting been easier and as much fun as when you equip the Turkey Sucker! This Growtech designed sucker not only allows you to hunt those Turkeys quicker, it even cooks them for you! The Turkey Sucker can only hold so many Turkeys though, so at some stage, it’s going to go “pop” and explode giving you some pre-cooked Thanksgiving Turkeys! If you’re extra lucky, you might find a golden Organic Turkey instead. This plump and succulent bird is stuffed full of awesome prizes including something extra special! I can’t say exactly what it is, but, if you find it, you’ll be making mad gems like an MVP quarterback on the very best team! Also make sure you pick up any Turkey Feathers you find, there’s a rod’y good use for them.

    While we are speaking about items, there’s a super set to complete! If you’ve ever wanted to look like a famous massive statue holding a torch, then you’re in luck and this set is for you! Something special happens when you equip all the items from the set, so check it out. You might want to get vacuuming those Turkeys, sharpening those needles and getting ready to shop if you want all the parts! So, one more hint for a new item? Ok then! It’s probably worth trading in your Wagon for parts and seeing what you get!

    You’ll notice something new in the shop as well. The Turkey Hunting Pack which contains the Turkey Sucker is also joined by the Celebrity Hills Weather Machine! Only available during Thanksgiving Week, this event exclusive Weather Machine will transport you to La La Land as you gaze up at the famous old sign perched on the Growtopia-wood Hills!

    So, have I covered it all? Turkey Sucking Device… check! Awesome MVP Item… check! Cool clothing set… check! More items than ever before… check!

    That just leaves me to say, have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Whether you celebrate it or just use the time to be with friends and family in game, in person or over the web, we hope you enjoy the event.

    Until next time! Stay safe.

    ~ ThePsyborg