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    Hello, everyone!

    Growtopia is finally on consoles!

    Here are some things that you need to know about our new servers!

    What is Growtopia HD version?

    - The Growtopia HD version supports three platforms;

    o Xbox One
    o Switch
    o PS4

    Note that the Growtopia HD version has cross-play and cross-sync from day 1 between Xbox One and Switch platforms only for all the users (this feature can be manually disabled on Xbox One only).

    Will we be able to play using our account on from the Mobile/PC version to these HD versions?

    - No, the mobile/PC and HD versions will have no connection or cross play with HD version.
    - Xbox One and Switch share a cross-play server environment whilst PS4 is on an independent server environment.

    What are the differences compared to the mobile version?
    Some of the differences between the mobile and console versions are:

    - Console versions operate on a different server than mobile, allowing everyone to start from scratch. No progress and items will carry over from the mobile version. Currently, there is no cross-play between mobile and console versions.
    - The same amount of content will arrive on consoles roughly every 2 months or more.
    - Currently there is no cross-play between mobile and console versions. There is however cross-play between mobile and PC, and between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

    Xbox One and Switch

    Will Growtopia allow us to use cross-play and cross-sync everything between the two platforms?

    - Yes, you can take your in-game progress from one platform to another with the exception of bought virtual currencies such Gems, Growtokens, and Season event tokens – they are platform specific. You can take earned virtual currencies when you cross-sync platforms.

    Will there be something in the game that would identify us if we’re using Xbox One or Switch?

    - The Xbox One live logo will appear beside the names of their respective players in-game at all times. They would be distinguished with a specific blue color like this: Xbox

    Can I disable cross play?

    - The game would limit gameplay to only Xbox One exclusive Live Users for players who have enabled this setting in their First party’s profiles.

    What does this mean and how will this affect my gameplay?

    - Well, Functionality-wise, enabling it will immediately change your World Accessibility settings and will modify the messages presented to you based on the worlds you attempt to enter.
    - To explain further, here are what’s going to happen:
    o To world owners who have the cross-play setting disabled, you will not be able to join worlds that are not Xbox One Live exclusive.
    o In creating a world, if the cross-play setting is disabled, you will be allowed to enter any newly created world, but you have to make sure that you will lock it. Leaving the world without locking it will not make it an Xbox One exclusive world. You will not be allowed to enter that world again should you decide to leave the world without placing a World Lock – a message will be presented to you suggesting to lock the world as a reminder!
    o Of course, disabling it will not allow you to cross-play. A message will constantly pop-up when you try to access a world that isn’t Xbox One exclusive, giving you the reason why you cannot enter it.
    o If cross-play is enabled and a player is attempting to enter a world that is open to any platform, you will see a message prior to entry describing the situation and warning you that you may come into contact with players of a different console platform.

    Note: We will also reduce intrusiveness by offering you a “Don’t show me this again” toggle on these and similar cross network warnings and will be shown only once per session.

    o Also, when you enable the setting to limit cross-play on Xbox One and/or Switch, viewing world chat will only show the messages from respective platform users and personal messages sent to you will also be restricted as such.

    Okay, but what about Event Worlds? How will that work?

    - For the situation of Event Worlds, which are common to all players, ALL Xbox One players will be given appropriate warning before they enter a potential cross-play scenario in those public worlds. If you have the cross-play setting disabled, you will not be allowed to enter these worlds.

    Understood! Follow-up to that would be the START/FTUE worlds, how does that work?

    - Xbox One and Switch players will be given a separate Tutorial/FTUE worlds by default!

    Nice! And how about those non-event but famous worlds, like the Top-rated ones? Are there also restrictions?

    - For that case, if any of the top rated worlds belong to non-Xbox One players, Xbox One players with the cross-play setting enabled would be given a warning before they can enter those worlds. If you disabled your cross-play settings, though, you will not be allowed to enter these worlds unless they are Xbox One exclusive worlds too.

    Hmm. What if I was in a world created by an Xbox One player and he/she suddenly changed his account settings to disable cross-play, what will happen?

    - Okay, that’s sad. But, don’t worry, you will not be kicked out of the world immediately. The owner of the world needs to restart his/her game in order for the setting to kick in. When he/she does, you will be automatically kicked out of the world as it’s already considered an Xbox One exclusive world.

    Okay, fair. Question on different game features! Hmm. Let’s see, how about the Guild? How will that work if the players in a guild are from a different platform (Xbox One and Switch) and, let’s say one of them disabled the cross-play settings?

    - Good question! When players from different platforms are members of one guild and one platform (or two) disabled their cross-play settings, the Guilds UI will show a message that you cannot access the guild due to cross-play limitations.

    Hmm. That’s harsh, but what happened if it’s the Guild world that’s been cross-play disabled?

    - Platform restrictions. But, here’s what going to happen;
    o If you’re a member of the guild and you disabled the cross-play settings, you will not be allowed to enter your guild’s world.
    o If you’re the owner of the Guild world and you have the cross-play settings disabled, the Guild Lock will behave like a standard world lock and will not allow other platform players to enter your guild home.

    Okay, thanks! Moving on – what are the store offers for these platforms?
    - Store purchases still offers the same – Gems, Growtokens, and Subscription Tokens.
    o Just in case you aren’t aware, Subscriptions are untradeable tokens that you can consume to apply a time limited series of “buffs” to yourself. They typically last 30 or 365 days, depending on the token purchased. The primary buffs granted are: Greater XP gain rates, daily gems, and access to unique cosmetic skins and items. Gameplay is not meaningfully changed.

    Informative, thanks! But, Are there durables?
    - Okay, the purchase dedicated to the Ezio set is non transferrable.
    - The Growmoji offered in the monthly bundle is durable, but it’s offered as a bonus alongside the expected gems and season tokens. Note that Growmojis provide no gameplay - when consumed, they will simply allow you to add Growtopia themed emoticons to your chat. Like your other possessions, these are transferrable across platforms.
    - Rest of the items are consumable.

    Alright, got it! What are the items that I can buy with these virtual currencies, by the way?

    - You can use the Virtual Currency to buy any item from the store, with the exception of IAPs (Gems and Subscriptions). This can be anything from weather machines to items packs, Item of the Month, world blasts, and more…
    - There are two Virtual Currencies accepted by the store: Gems and Growtokens. The vast majority of all items in the store are purchased via gems, with one subsection of the store accepting only Growtokens.
    - There is a seasonal currency Season Token available to the player only when events are active.
    Ah, that’s nice! Can you explain more about these Virtual Currencies, Gems and Growtokens, please?
    - Sure! Well, Gems are the primary currency of the game. They are a soft currency earned via various in game systems – farming and IAPs. When making IAP purchases, Growtokens and Season Tokens can also be offered as bonuses alongside gems, though they are obtainable through non IAP means as well.
    - Growtokens are used to purchase items from a Growtoken only subsection of the store. These tokens are awarded for completing in game activities such as daily quests and can also be obtained by purchasing certain IAP gem bundles as add on incentives
    - Season tokens are used to unlock escalating “branch prizes” in the game’s three Season Clashes (Spring, Summer, and Winter).

    Where can I find more information?

    Here are some useful links!
    YouTube (you can find some tutorials there too!):
    Wiki (not an official one):

    Happy gaming, yay!

    "Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you got to open your brain to the possibilities." - King Bumi.

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    I'll throw in a few FAQs I've seen about general rules and moderation of the game, hopefully this will clear up some common concerns in the sub-forum. I'll update this should other particularly popular queries come up.

    Are we allowed to trade mobile/PC items for console items?

    No, it's prohibited to engage in cross-server trading of any kind. Don't.

    How do I contact support for queries or ban appeals?

    The same way as you would on any other platform or server, through the official support-ticket system here. Just be sure to use the drop-down menu to specify which console you're on.

    Are the moderators on PC/mobile moderators on console as well?

    As of the time of writing this, the only people moderating the console versions are the Ubisoft team. We'll update you if this changes at a later time.

    Where do I post x, y and z on the forums?

    Anything that pertains to the console servers can be posted in the Consoles sub-forum. Due to the significantly lower influx of threads, there's no need to have everything separated. This may be subject to change should the amount of traffic increase.

    For the time being, you won't be penalised or punished for posting things in the wrong sub-forum if it seems like a logical mistake, such as posting Console-Trading in the Marketplace.
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