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How to play growtopia on Xbox 1 - And fix connection / uplay issues

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  • How to play growtopia on Xbox 1 - And fix connection / uplay issues

    Step 1: Switching your XBOX region to Australia
    - To do this go into your xbox system settings and click Language and location then set your location and laungage region to Australia then click restart now to apply the chances. Once your xbox has turned back on you should be able to go into Microsoft store and download Growtopia.
    Now that's the part everyone knows how to do.
    Step 2: Linking a Ubisoft account to your xbox account
    - Now once you enter the game and connect to servers you will be prompted to connect to download Ubisoft club howver when you try and download this it says the app is unavailable. To fix this go to and login or create an account, then click the little person icon in the corner, it should bring this menu up.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click on Account managment (In the green) and you should get this screen (You may need to re-login with your password)
    Click image for larger version

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    Click on Account information (In the green) and scroll to the bottem, you will get this screen.
    Click image for larger version

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    (Your will say link, not unlink) Simply click link and login to your xbox account.
    Step 3: Restart your xbox and accept TOS
    - Now simply hold the home button and scroll to Restart console and do so, then once it boots up, start GT and accept the TOS.
    Step 4: Enjoy playing


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