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About Updates & Events on Consoles

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  • About Updates & Events on Consoles

    Hi all,

    We’ve read your feedback about updates and events on consoles not being as frequent as on our Mobile/PC version of Growtopia, and we would like to address this issue as detailed as we can for the moment.

    We absolutely understand that frequent content updates are vital to your game experience and that you expect the same level of content as on the Mobile/PC version. Since Console and Mobile/PC game development is not quite the same, we must follow certain external constraints that won’t allow us to release new content as frequent as we would like to, however, we’ve been working extensively on tightening the gap as much as we can, and we will for certain try to make new content available to all of you more frequently.

    As for the current plan, the first update on consoles will arrive in a couple of months, but the annual events will already kick in very soon starting with Harvest in September!