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    Originally posted by Fisch View Post
    My worm farm is dead my weekend is ruined i feel lost coz of no mods or support also no answers if they still work on it.
    Postal u could try to contact support for this. Maybe they can probably give you back your silkworms. Because technically it's not your fault that this happened.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Originally posted by Fisch View Post
    All i know is the problem is on xbox and switch if you log in with your main account the game crash if a other player try to warp to me his game also crash but he is still able to log in its also posible to log in with 2 acc but the main account allways crash. I hope the information help to fix it if anyone care (sry bad english)
    It probably happened because of our guild logo being the glitch item. Since this update removes the glitch null item, I think it also removes our guild mascot causing us to crash everytime.


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      Hello, we applied the patch to sort reported issues with null items on consoles, they should be sorted now. Please let us know if there are any other issues we should address and do continue to share your thoughts and ideas about Growtopia on consoles with us


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        Originally posted by GrowPixel View Post
        First of all, thank you for trying to make growtopia better place. So, let's start!
        More features for this suggestion;
        • 4- Make Dirty gems Blocks for newbies, As i said, most old players started with friends helps, our friend gave us few farmables to earn gems, they give us wls to secure our world. So, this block have %75 chance to drop 1 gems and it will be farmable, INFO: < This dirty gems block is farmable, keep farming it until you reach the your goals. It has %75 chance to drop one gems. >
        • 5-Improvement for Apprentices(Mentorship program); It's pretty dead feature, you seriously expect us to find between 1-3level real newbie in this game. It's impossible. Change it to 1-15 Level and Miletstone rewards should be; 5-15-25-30. Only 4 level. As a mentor, <Miletstone Rewards> will start form level 25. Also change 1 year sub to Unique sword. It would be better.

        The result of this list.
        Now players know how to splice and they has recipe world/or book. They can splice their blocks to build dream world, and newbie lock will help to secure this world. Also they can earn gems to buy Rare Clothes pack to make awesome set. After secure their world, they can accept visitors to make friends or get mentor.. Their mentor can help to learn growtopia more and more. What do you think?

        << First of all Growtopia is pretty complicated game for newbies. Currently most of player started growtopia with friend helps, our friends help us to learn how to splice or earn gems. But these newbies that see ad from youtube or other social can't do anything. I'm telling this because i saw like <10> ps4 newbie streamer on twitch. 2 of them stuck at TUTORIAL world. They tried to talk with mannequin and stream end up with 'Can't leave this area'. 5 of them end up with stuck at growpedia quests(most of them door id thing) and they quit because of getting tutorial pup-up spam. And lastly 3 of them got scammed their trees and they just end the stream(People enter the newbie world and lock the full area, or they scam their trees). >>

        These changes should be Pc and console servers.
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          We need a console friendly Growtopia

          The console port itself is already good in terms of quality but not much in playability (it is good but not as good as the Mobile/PC versions).

          ---One problem is the lack of accessibility in simple things. Communication, for example, it is tough for players without keyboards to type a simple sentence or a single Hi and Hello, we need shortcuts for these things.
          I have listed 3 recommendations for how this could be fixed and hope you get an idea of what to implement for future updates.

          ---Another problem is the lack of customizability of controls. From cursor sensitivity to allowing us to map buttons ourselves, these are stuff that we console players should be able to have or modify for the sake of our convenience and in some cases, safety.

          Safety, why? because there were times that I was supposed to drop valuable items in my storage and unfortunately trashed it because the buttons can be confusing sometimes, and that wasn't convenient as I had to grind again to earn it without losing a lot of Worldlocks, and I wouldn't be happy if that happens again or if it happens to other players too
          Anyways, check out my Youtube Channel . I make beats


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            Some idea for console

            Add quick chat button?
            Thats include normal chat activity in growtopia
            If you click them, they will pop up and you can choose what text you need for talk
            - hi / hello
            - buy ( after you click buy you can choose name item from the icon like minecraft?)
            - sell
            - icon lock ( sl,bl,hl,wl,dl and type the number you need)
            - and many more
            You can improve this suggestion to be better than this.
            Thank you



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              Abandoned consoles!

              Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

              Check out of this video ^^


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                Valentine's Week didn't started on Console servers btw..
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                My Last Suggestion; Battle Royale(PVP) Suggestion!