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The bug/glitch will be fixed? Switch/Xbox version

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  • The bug/glitch will be fixed? Switch/Xbox version

    It's been almost a month or more that I reported some problem but it is still not settled and one has added to the game.

    The following problems are: The sound Glitch, the problem of chat or more and more of white line appear (I made topic on these problems), The menu glitch when the last world visited doesnt appear (shahin topic) and one or flakes do not appear when one is equipped with the monocle of the wolf and the dragon star.

    I wanted to know if his problems will be fixed one day.


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    The main problem when updating a game on the console is it takes time when Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will approve the updates.
    Online games do server-side updates when adding content to the game but whenever they need to fix something like a bug or glitch or they want to add some new mechanics they need to update the game CLIENT, which when sent to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will take time to be approved and then that will be the only time those bugs will be patched.

    So what I think Ubisoft is doing is finding every single bug and then patching them all at once with one update so that they won't need to ask for approval every single time they patch a bug and wait for weeks/months.

    Just wait and in no time you will play GT HD bug free!
    Anyways, check out my Youtube Channel . I make beats


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      Hi guys,

      As you know, we are aware of the issue and we're working on it but unfortunately, we cannot estimate when it will be sorted. We'll let you know as soon as we have some news.