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idea to get console servers back.

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    Originally posted by Sumotravis30 View Post
    Imagining combining two worlds together. Even if you take the scenarios from sci-fi movies, where humans and aliens lived together like in Men In Black, that level of integration would've taken far too long for GT to stabilize, if it ever will.

    And the aforementioned two worlds are also vastly different, and...oh wait. A handful of others addressed it already.

    So....just no.

    eh... just giving an idea on what to do, I didn't think of that

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    Originally posted by Garodus_ View Post
    They legally can't put the servers back up now. They said they're gonna delete it, so putting them back up would break their promise.
    they can if they want to :3

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    Originally posted by pannenkoek2012 View Post
    Not many GT players own consoles, what are you going on about??
    I mean a lot of people I've talked to have consoles soo idk it was just a prediction...kinda..

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    Originally posted by Shadowgraalera View Post
    They’re shutting the servers down regardless of what people say. What did you expect..? The ps4 servers had a max of 200 people online on good days... The servers are definitely costing more money than they’re pulling in as well.
    ye but if there was work put into it, then it will attract many people. thus, getting profit from the players on the servers


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      Hear me out a console plaque for people who played console and they have to find a way too collect usernames
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