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Growtopia on KFConsole ?

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  • Growtopia on KFConsole ?

    Is there's a chance that growtopia Will be released on KFConsole ? I really wanted to enjoy my fresh and warm popcorn nuggets while playing this game lol

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    KFConsole has crossplay compability so there shouldn't be many problems. I mean many players would probably move to playing on that console as it has one big advantage over PCs and smartphones, ability to grill some chicken.


    • LinCie
      LinCie commented
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      Burn dem chickens

    • Ezekiel GT
      Ezekiel GT commented
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      burn em...

    • FearLessCat_GT
      FearLessCat_GT commented
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      every time the console overheats you can grill them chickens on it

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    bro they are all sold out i hate scalpers

    Restarting all over again!


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      I wish Growtopia would be Cross platform on ps4-5 and xBox. So then i can play with everyone


      • Dzez
        Dzez commented
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        Eh, I tried it and there was nothing that special.. The biggest turn off was the chatting system

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      Omg kfconsole Is dat kfc chicken


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        I CAN SEE YOU ALL AND ALL OF YOU SHALL MEET YOUR FAITH.... soon :evil_chicken_face:

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          i think the whole kfc thing is just a joke


          • StellyGT
            StellyGT commented
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            As silly as it sounds, it is absolutely real

          • Garodus_
            Garodus_ commented
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            It's probably real, but sold as a novelty item and a promotional stunt, like the Apple Monitor Stand for 1K or the Galaxy Z Flip.

            Now you know KFC is doing gaming stuff.

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          It's literally a pc with a chicken box.
          gt will run on it
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            That would be cool maybe they could run the same servers on the kfconsole and we can cross play its a +1 from me


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              They said they won't be opening another console server, so I highly doubt it.
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                Its Korean Fried Console
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                  Kovid Fried Console
                  You guessed it, its me, WaterNice.


                  • JuDG3K3n
                    JuDG3K3n commented
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                  Can't wait to play GT while eating them spicy chicken wings to be honest.


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                    why is this thread alive, it hurts my feelings every day i check this sub-forum... my poor mates are going to get grilled in a console...
                    insta: @limechickengt


                    • Noobified
                      Noobified commented
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                      hehehe kfc

                    • LinCie
                      LinCie commented
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                      Everytime i see your profile, it makes me hungry 🍗🍗🍗

                    • RandomGrowtopiaChicken
                      RandomGrowtopiaChicken commented
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                      LinCie i pretend i didnt see that

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                    next gen console with free grilling pan for any foods with free chicken bro that good deal and cross platform omg
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