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START World Translations: New Rules!!

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  • Originally posted by Dzox View Post
    What prizes would we get if we make it?

    Just a common question that needs an answer
    the prize of knowing you helped other people learn how to play.
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    • Originally posted by Spotlight View Post
      You should give them a reward for making a start world, not just their world lock back.
      It takes a ton of work and effort to copy the current start world.
      Plus the jammers and such.


      • Originally posted by Solorien View Post
        Now that we've updated our START, we are also updating the rules for having a translated world linked to START.
        - - -

        * Building your START world is entirely your responsibility. You will not be given free items. Mods and developers will not be able to help you build it.

        * Your START world must be an ***EXACT*** (Yes, that means everything) copy of our START, only written in your own language. It may not have any extra doors to your other worlds. It may not have additional signs discussing your worlds or other players. It must be an EXACT copy.

        * Your START world will not receive honors or WOTD or any other special prize.

        * There is only one (1) START translation needed for each language. The first person to submit a translation world that meets all the requirements will be chosen.

        * We will be checking your translations, so make sure that you are using appropriate language at all times.

        * If we receive complaints about something in your START world - such as inappropriate language, bullying, or misinforming or cheating other players in some way - it will be removed and your account will be temporarily banned.

        * If your world is chosen, we will remove your lock and place our own lock. This is because there have been too many people who have edited their worlds to scam other players after receiving a START link. We will give you a world lock and we will place a sign telling everyone that you are the translator.
        - - -

        If you are still interested in making a START world translation, please let us know when it is completely done. Send an email including:
        - the name of the world
        - the name of the player who created it (no more than 3 names)

        Please, do not send us this information until your world is 100% ready!

        Thanks again for being willing to donate your time, energy and supplies to help other players! We look forward to seeing your START world translation!

        We already have START worlds in:
        Arabic - STARTARABIC
        Croatian - STARTONCROATIAN
        Dutch - INHETBEGIN
        English - START, START1, START2, START3
        Estonian - ALGUS2
        Filipino - SIMULAFILIPINO
        Finnish - ALOITAPELI
        French - DEBUTFRANCAIS
        German - STARTEDEUTSCH
        Hungarian - KEZDOKNEK
        Indonesian - STARTBAHASA
        Italian - PARTENZA
        Korean - STARTHANGUK
        Lavian - LVSTARTLV
        Lithuanian - LTSTART
        Malay - PEMULAAN
        Persian - STARTIRAN
        Romanian - INCEPUTUL
        Russian - RUSSKIYSTART
        Spanish - INICIOESPANOL
        Swedish - STARTINSWEDISH
        Turkish - BASLADI
        Okay! Thanks for the Notify!


        • START world render image here

          - - - Updated - - -

          Originally posted by Awktopus View Post
          Someone else owned it. Name of world : KAISHI

          But if you wanna do a Japanese one, I wouldnt mind giving you world: SUTATO
          There's another Chinese version of START in STARTCHINESE
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          • Too late

            Originally posted by Shumentheny View Post
            I will be willing to make one in Chinese however I can't type Chinese on signs.
            We already have a chinese start world, maybe try another language!
            The prophesy says one day a man/women will read this.

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            • The arabic transaltion

              We do have an arabic translation for start, but it's not the only arabic way to write. There are two kinds of arabic writtings, and the one we have isn't both of them. I'm lebanese and it's even hard for me to understand what is written... because we aren't used to read that arabic kind with these letters. I suggest if i can try to make a transaltion world for the second arabic kind which a lot of arabics know and understand.


              • I submitted a start world like a year ago and the only answer i got is that you are busy. So i guess i'll just drop it here and see what you can do about it.

                World Name: STARTNABULGARSKI
                Its a Bulgarian start world built and translated by me alone. I hope it gets accepted.
                Originally posted by Nick_Furry
                Do u even know how it feels like to have an Indonesian word as your in game name. My IGN was Berak which literally means as pooping. And every single time I met some random indo they be like "dah cebok bang" which also means "have you wipe your ass?" Yes, I have.


                • STARTCAMBODIA

                  Are they still accepting these start worlds? because i saw one reply stating that he/she had submitted a world for over a year and all he got was a reply saying : "you are busy". I submitted mine which is STARTCAMBODIA, a South East Asian country located between Thailand and Vietnam with the official language of : KHMER and still haven't seen a reply or confirmation yet.
                  I [DontLikeIt] No I LOVE It !!!


                  • That's exactly what I thought when I first saw this.


                    • StartFilipino Or Startpilipino that I'm from Phil We need a start world too
                      Originally posted by Yasuo
                      Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


                      • Originally posted by TeachMeHow View Post
                        StartFilipino Or Startpilipino that I'm from Phil We need a start world too
                        we already have one...
                        Pssst, over here


                        • I am surprised there's still replies in that thread, does ubisoft even bother with START anymore?
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