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  • Dear Seth and Hamumu

    I want to be a mod so that i can help people and protect them i want to bust and punish those who disobey the rules

    - - - Updated - - -

    I want to be a mod so that i can help people and so that i can punish those who disobey the rules


    • If you wanna Talk with Moderators, Msg Them on GrowTopia, do /mods and msg the mod who's online, but carefull do not spam them. Just msg them 2-3 Time and 75% they will answer to you if you need help.


      • Yeah listen to the boss!!!

        ¤Yeah listen to the boss, moderators are players you shouldn't mess with.I have only seen 3 moderators and they do look cool but they have a hard job so messing with that will have extream punishments.Anyway you should be kind in Growtopia being a bad player is just horrible.


        • understanding

          Originally posted by Hamumu View Post
          My job moderating has gotten worse than difficult... it's basically impossible at this point. So I want to lay down some info so you guys can get the actual help you need instead of the personal hellos you want (if you don't know what "PM" is, it means Private Message, it's when you use /msg in the game):

          1. If something bad is going on, you can definitely PM a mod about it. The sooner the better, so they can actually show up and see it happening instead of being too late and not being able to do anything. We are here to solve problems, so if you have one, we need to know. And we may not be able to respond, because a lot of people have problems, and some of them take a while to fix (or explain why we can't...). But we can't help at all if we don't know!

          2. If something bad is NOT going on, DO NOT PM A MODERATOR!! It's nice that you want to say "hi" to us, or have us come visit your world, but when we are online, we are very busy trying to help people. I get one PM about every 5 seconds on average (not exaggerating, though if I only get important PMs, it'd be a lot less!) so I can't come visit you or chat, I need to help people if they need help. Never ever PM a moderator asking them to come look at your world, or just chat. It just makes the job SO much harder, and it puts the moderator in a bad position - either they spend time chatting with you and not helping people, or you think they're a jerk for not talking. No-win situation!

          3. If you want to chat with a moderator and just have friendly fun times, you'll have to wait until you see them in person. Even then, there's a good chance they'll be really busy, but I know I personally hold "HAMUMU DANCE TIME" sometimes, where I just sit and dance and ignore all the PMs so I can answer questions and just have fun with people. If you see me in person, chat away. I may be too busy, but you're never bothering me by chatting publicly, even if I can't respond.

          4.If you want your PM to get a response, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT - you must say what you are talking about!!!! At least half of the PMs I receive say either "Come here I need to talk to you" or "Can I ask you something, it's important". If it's important, then ASK ME! I absolutely never respond to PMs like this that aren't asking anything at all. Your odds of getting a response go from 0% to something higher if you actually put your question in the message. I don't have the time to go back and forth with you 3 times before we even get to a question (especially since the odds are you just want me to come visit your world, not solve a serious problem). The more information you can squeeze in the better, too - who's being bad, what did they do, where did it happen (you probably don't need to say that part, if it's the place you're sending from).

          5. If a moderator ignores you, they're not "ignoring you". They just can't respond because of all the stuff they have to deal with. Keep that number in mind: a PM every 5 seconds. If yours isn't important, I can't reply. So don't get mad at us, don't think we hate you, and all that. It's not personal! I'd much rather just have happy fun-time chats, but alas, if I am in the game, my time is very limited (you know I have to make this game too, right?), and about 1500 people are on there wanting something fixed, so that's just what I have to be doing.

          If enough people can actually follow these rules, a lot more people would actually end up getting helped with their problems! So please, help out the mods by letting the mods help out!

          (P.S. I know few people will read this, and most of the noise and distraction will continue, but hey, spread the word!)
          ok woah that was long but i read the whole lecture of mods. haha now i really understand why mods don't respond to me. i'm one of those irritating fellows who just wants to say hi. well i promise I won't do it again.


          • let us not forget this legendary quote
            Originally posted by abala100 View Post
            Mods why i got banned i just used cheat engine
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              which page number was this?? just wanna know...

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              Swordtail click the blue arrows on the quote, it'll take you directly to it.

          • Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
            let us not forget this legendary quote

            Bumping this very very old thread might be reasonable since it does contain important message to the community.
            "Love everyone around you because you will never know when love ends"

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            • woah 2013 hi hamumu old days
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              • i want to see the 2 legends in game with my real eyes
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                • lol you guys revived this old thread lmao
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                    Well. Since this thread contains informative message that hold on till this date, i'm sure it will be fine :d

                • i thought hamumu really made a new thread lmao


                  • Originally posted by Нат Нат View Post
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                    hi, i do Superbroadcast for NO, my gems about 5000 go from my account but NO no pay and ban me.. than he say he no see superbroadcast, and say me, do secound superbroadcast. i write mods but no answer.. So i lost gems 5000.. Ban please NO.. thank you..

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                    • Wew Informative old thread on how to talk mods suppose it asks possible world behavior action
                      ok work if using pc to remove emoji from signature but why from phone not work.


                      • Originally posted by Staanley View Post
                        i thought hamumu really made a new thread lmao
                        lmfao same i was like *** and checked date really fast
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                          • Or u can always have more active mods (ex: me) (thats a joke if anyone didn't get it)