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I have 33 dls how should i invest them

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  • I have 33 dls how should i invest them

    I recently redowloaded gt again after two years and i dont know new type of profits

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    Go with BFG (break for gems) world.

    You have 33dls spend them like this:

    - Spend 50wls on creating bfg world (design + jammers ...)
    - Spend 24dls on 2 magplants (Check the price I am not sure if thats correct!!)
    - Now spend about 3dls on chand seeds or any other farmable you want

    Now you never have to break your blocks again just bc 1x or 2x and people will automatically come and break your blocks so you can earn a lot of gems (which you can spend on valentines pack when they come or intergalactic packs which are like 11wls each) + you can sell extra seeds that you get.

    Only work you have to do is put your blocks in magplants and do 1x bc and than replant seeds.

    I think this is the best method to get a lot of wls/dls in a really short period of time.

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      thx alot bro


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        Originally posted by YeetTopia
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        You could do that if you're an expert farmer who likes to break alone, the rest of the WLs could be used to buy more seeds, however, if you want less work, start a BFG!
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          You should give 1 to me
          Trust me it's a good investment.
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