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Rayman or magplants?

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  • Rayman or magplants?

    Which one can make you profit more? 2 mags and farmables (bfg) or rayman fist?

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    A bfg would surely help you profit more since you'd have to wait for the rayman to rise in price, which isn't 100% either.
    On the other hand, if you choose a bfg, you could choose a pepper/pinball one and you'd gain somewhere around 50wls or even more per one-two days depending on your seeds and the work you put into it. When I owned a bfg around one year ago I was constantly profiting over 100wls per two days.
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      Depends. If you don’t mind breaking go for ray man. If you hate breaking like me and have tons of farmables go for the magplants. Ray man makes quick wls, magplant makes more wls just takes more time. I bought 75k chands and did a bfg and ended up about 100k chands after harvest. I made a lot of profit it’s just ALOT of work.
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        Ok, thank you.