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    If you have no more interest in the gt community, quit. There’s no point playing a game you don’t enjoy. It should be fun, not work. Keep your remaining dls (obviously) and take a break. If you ever want to come back, you can. I have quit multiple times, and after about a few weeks to a few months, I get back into it. If you’re really sure you want to never play the game again, ask support to permaban you.
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      Man, losing so much in a day.

      I mean having "fun" for most people in the community is basically
      having a ton of wls, (but not for me, and for some others.)

      Losing them means losing fun, interest and everything in the game.
      You can quit or maybe even rest for months and come back after.

      Feel free to do what you want man,
      there's no wrong in deciding it urself.
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      Originally posted by Nostos
      yes please.... +1