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  • Growtopia Ranks/Roles | Mouvre's Guidebook

    Growtopia Ranks/Roles
    Growtopia rank can be found on your name and some can only be reached by specific action.

    They're listed from the lowest rank.

    Rank Information Preview (Example)
    Player Visit a non World-Locked world. Mouvre (Color: White)
    Admin Earned for being accessed in a World-Locked world (only if you're in the world). Mouvre - Color: Light Green
    Owner Earned for being the owner or the world is World-Locked by you. Mouvre (Color: Green)
    Blue Name Earned for reaching level 125. Mouvre (Color: Blue)
    Legendary Title Earned for finishing Quest for Honor Mouvre of Legend (Color: Yellow)
    Doctor Earned for performing 3000 successful surgeries with Angel of Mercy Wings. Dr. Mouvre (Color: Red)
    Moderator Promoted by the Growtopia team, official rules enforcer. @Mouvre (Color: Purple)
    Dr. Destructo Dr. Destructo is an NPC or a non-playable character. It's usually controlled by a moderator or developer. @Dr. Destructo (Color: Red)
    Developer Official Growtopia team and staff @Mouvre (Color: Orange)
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