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Blocks that just go well with each other

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    This guide really helps people like me Thank you!

    Do give a visit to my main collection world 'Fervors'. Give it a /rate 5 if you enjoyed my collection Thanks! I know it's not much, it's still a mini collection afterall.


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      Originally posted by Satania View Post
      Just wanted to make this for fun. Hopefully this could help peeps with building their stuff and dont know what to use at all. I don't really know much (with my crappy budget n all) so any suggestions would be great. Placing the theme the blocks could be used in will be extremely helpful for people looking for specific themes.
      Note: This is to only give you ideas, you don't have to completely follow these!

      I may add more soon if I feel like it, but for now hopefully someone recommends me some so I can actually add more to this. ;-;
      Thanks to these people who have contributed! Appreciate it. {Eutimio, Electrolava9, Preseted} I also added some people from a thread I posted about what your favourite blocks are.
      Added in more biomes, thanks Preseted!
      Made the text bigger so PC users can read it much more easily.

      Might as well post building tips since I have time. Tell me your secrets if you know any more.

      i probably shouldve used a better thread title, i feel dumb now xd
      thx builerd uwu
      quitted gt
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      my discord server
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      humama hihih


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        Thanks, i really enjoy building world and this guide helps me a lot
        my personal favorite is the Hedge, Foliage and Lattice Background combo for making garden theme world