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    but I want a pizza!

    my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


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      Second IGN:FrostFloofy

      I Have No Goals,Later I Have To move another account hh

      I <3 GT

      Also, punchas and astinotrix are my senpais


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        Originally posted by Kranken View Post

        aw, but i really want a pizza
        Go call Growtopizza or something. They're willing to sell you a slice of pizza for a big lock.
        This is Sumo. He's just a random level 74 Growtopian.

        That's it. What else d'you wanna know?


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          Hello support,

          I would like to order one pineapple pizza with a large coke.


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            why not the old it was PERFECT. Now we gotta sign up for some dumb website to contact support. That's pretty crappy if you ask me.

            edit: And it doesn't even work!!


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              Originally posted by ByteCode View Post
              Since the new support system is already introduced and previous thread is a bit outdated I'll try to sum up all with the latest information.
              • You've been banned for solid reason and know why
              • You got scammed
              • You want to order a pizza
              • Ban discussion of another player
              How to order a pizza in Growtopia, a comprehensive guide.

              1. Access to a telephone
              2. A big Lock (per pizza slice)

              1. Select the wrench in your inventory
              2. Click the telephone
              3. Type in "00000" in the box that has appeared
              4. Press DIAL. This button should be below the number you have just entered
              5. Type "Growtopizza" in the newly appeared box.
              6. Press "Connect Me"
              7. Press the big blue button
              8. Click the "Thank you!" button.
              9. Your new pizza will get delivered very fast

              Solutions to common mistakes

              If you are at step 8, but the " Thank You!" button does not appear, you are missing a big lock. Get a big lock in your inventory, then retry from step 1

              If the button at step 6 does not appear, you might have made a type in step 5. Retry.

              - - - Updated - - -

              Originally posted by HugeLock View Post
              Hello support,

              I would like to order one pineapple pizza with a large coke.
              Good day HugeLock,

              We made it very clear we don't take orders for pizza as mentioned.
              However, we can take orders for a large coke.
              A large coke will be $420,
              with 16.42857142857143% tax you will have to pay 69$ in tax, bringing your total to $489

              You can pay by buying gems in the Growtopia Store. Please reply with your receipt.

              We hope to hear from you,
              -The Garodus team


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                Pizza.... nvm can i have a burger please?

                so ***...
                you can contact support when you want to order food other than Pizza?
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                  Don’t know why I’m here just going around forum because I’m new

                  Everything is possible.


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                    I wanna pizza
                    IGN: PEPPERISTIC
                    IG: vin_hartono
                    Shop: EWOHY
                    GOVSSU name only for sale lmao start 5 wl