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How To Contact Support Desk

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  • How To Contact Support Desk

    Since the new support system is already introduced and previous thread is a bit outdated I'll try to sum up all with the latest information.

    Firstly, check out the FAQ if your question is already answered. (FAQ:

    To contact Support Desk:

    There's currently two way to contact with support desk, first one is creating ticket in game;
    • Click to Options
    • Then scroll down a bit
    • Click on Support
    • Check questions and keep scrolling down
    • Click on Contact Support

    Make sure to select the appropriate case to get faster and more effective response.
    Another way is to creating ticket through website:
    You should create or login to your Ubisoft account in order to send ticket using website.

    1. Forums not the place! Putting up it first because players often come here to post their ban disputes and complaints. It's not where we discuss them and they should kept private. Don't get shocked if you don't see your thread after a few minutes as we delete them since it's violating The Growtopian Code.

    2. Support is If you contact someone else, then nobody at Growtopia will get your message! Messaging NekoRei or moderators at Instagram directly isn't faster, it just means they forward you on to support.

    3. Tell them your name! Whether it's a GrowID or not, tell them what it is! Include the _123 at the end for guest accounts. This saves a huge amount of time! They don't have to spend time trying to hunt for your name or guessing what it is, and you don't have to wait 2 days just to get a "What's your name?" reply.

    4. Don't tell them your password! They don't need it, ever. Telling your password doesn't prove you own an account. They don't need it to unban you. They don't need it to make you a moderator. They don't need it! If anyone asks you for your password, they're trying to steal from you.

    5. Use your real email address! The new contact form has a box to put your email address in. If you type it in wrong, you won't receive any replies that support sends you! You will either be or so make sure you get it right!

    6. Be patient! Most of the time, they will reply within 2 days. It's usually less during the week, and can be more during weekends. During apocalyptic disasters it can be longer than that. If you send ticket them every 5 minutes asking why they haven't responded yet, all you do is make them mad, and slow them down. In fact, creating another ticket usually drops you to the back of the queue because of how the system works. So, try to stay calm and wait. Of course, if you realise you forgot to mention something (like your name), go ahead and add it to your ticket.

    7. Use the same email address! If you send multiple messages from different email accounts, about the same issue, it just gets really confusing for them. Again, you'll just slow them down. It's especially useful if you can use the email address connected with the GrowID you are asking about - in some cases they CANNOT talk to you from a different address!

    Don't contact with support desk in case:
    • You've been banned for solid reason and know why
    • You got scammed
    • You want to order a pizza
    • Ban discussion of another player
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    aw, but i really want a pizza


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      Second. Bumpity Bump.
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        Thanks for updating the thread, hope the other ones gets updated as well.


        Who should we contact if we would like to order pizza in growtopia ?
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          After reading this thread, I feel hungry even though it’s 2 AM I want a pizza
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            What's with ordering pizza?
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              Mmmmm.... you're making me hungry.
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                I REALLY NEED A PIZZA

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                  Originally posted by TobyLerasco View Post
                  What's with ordering pizza?
                  Pizza is legendary
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                    Originally posted by Kranken View Post

                    aw, but i really want a pizza
                    *byte writes a detailed, informative thread*
                    *byte adds one joke about pizza*
                    *whole thread is filled with pizza jokes xd*
                    please subscrible to my youtube chanenl please im desperate


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                      Ooooof nice :v
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                        Giving this support a bad review
                        it does not allow us to order pizza
                        so it is

                        im maybe back
                        A̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋ ̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋ ̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋ ̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋ ̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋


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                          Originally posted by dragonoflegend View Post
                          Giving this support a bad review
                          it does not allow us to order pizza
                          so it is
                          I'll take one pepperoni pizza to go. Owh yea, and hold the onions.
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                            Lmao why all talking about pizza
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                              WE CANT ORDER PIZZA FROM SUPPORT?!

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                              So, what do we do?

                              I have solution! Follow step by step, and you will get pizza...

                              1. Open Growtopia and log in.
                              2. Go to world with telephone.
                              3. Take sure you have at least one Big Lock.
                              4. Call number 00000 (In Growtopia!!)
                              5. Write growtopizza
                              6. Make your order and enjoy!

                              You're welcome.
                              I really don't know what this is